Sunday, December 4, 2016

Someday, they won't....

Someday they will want nothing to do with snuggling me. They will want to hang in their rooms all morning on the weekend.

Today, they want to both sit with me. And drape their hands and arms over me. And so here I am. Today.

Happy Birthday Laura!

Two surprise parties two weeks in a row! This week was for my friend Laura. Happiest of birthdays to you my friend!

Milestones you don't see on a list anywhere

The day your child draws you a picture on her own, brings it to you, and you can clearly see what it is for the first time.

"Mom, I made you a jellyfish!"

Me: Do you want to try to write your name, Cass? Remeber, C for Cassidy? (draws C)
Cass: Ummmmmm, how about I draw an L? (writes the letter "L"). Wow.

Winter-y Weekend Day

Remember those awesome times I mentioned where the kids just keep themselves busy together without fighting for hours on end!? Yep, we had one of those mornings. I got out some new craft stuff and they went to town!

I especially loved Troy's snowman. He tied the scarf himself!

We headed to the high school for a cute and short little play.

Please don't turn into high schoolers walking these halls too quickly, ok kids?!

Mahomet Christmas Walk

Truth. I expected it to be super crazy packed. I expected to be there 30 minutes. I expected it to be cold.

I was blown away! Sarah and I took our kids over to the Mahomet Christmas walk for some winter-y fun. The kids were instantly super-sugared-up with hot cocoa, cookies and candy canes. There was lots to see and do and all the businesses were passing things out.

Photobooth fun below.

Where did all these big kids come from!?!

This hat didn't seem freaky when I bought it OR when she started wearing it. But in pics?! Um yea it scares me a little.

Our church was offering horsedrawn carriage rides and it was a highlight for sure!

Photo cred below to Monica for this one :)

We noticed Santa didn't have a very long line so stopped in to say hello :)

Afterwards Sarah and Benjamin came over and we ate a late dinner together. We had stayed longer than planned and had so much fun!

Cass sings - "Roar"

She doesn't love being videotaped but she does love to sing! And picks up lyrics pretty easily. Here's one from the day she heard "Roar" for the first time. She watched it a few times and then chimed in herself :)

First Dentist Visit

Cass and Troy were both scheduled for teeth cleanings with the local dentist here in town, who I first met a few weeks back for my cleaning. It was Cassidy's first time and she did GREAT. I'm so thankful for a big bro who loves the dentist and showed her it was no big thing :) I think it made all the difference!