Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Troy's Mid-Year Report Card

Troy got his first school-age report card. He did great on the "1, 2, 3" scale they grade on (no As and Bs yet as they don't use that in kindergarten). My favorite part, as always, is reading the comments. I'm SO proud of my little kindergartner and how hard he is working this year! Go Troy!

Funny story. We went over his report with him and asked if he liked school. His response? "I LOVE school! And I'm never switching teachers, ever again!" We had to break it to him that he gets a new teacher every single year... this was a complete shocker to him! Though I'm very thankful he loves his teacher as much as he does!

Mike's winter gear

It's no secret Mike doesn't love the winter. Or the cold. But thanks to Gentleman's Box this year, he has a number of new stylish cold-weather accessories. Hat and scarf, proudly worn below. Maybe winter isn't SO bad after all!

Alright, Mr. November ;) I see you striking a pose!

Bus Stop: Winter Edition

Even in the middle of winter, my little "outdoorsman" has no problem getting out the door. He's eager to get outside no matter the weather, really. When there's snow on the ground, he wants to see what animal tracks we can find. The suspect on this particular morning? A bunny?

The three kindergarten buddies, every morning, climbing on the bus with all their gear. Troy, far right.

Ok, so THESE mornings are difficult when its this cold. Thankfully we haven't had *too* many of them yet!

Football Champs

The last college football game of the year was on on Monday night. Being that college football is kind of a big deal around here (and Cass knows it!) we made our football food favs. And little chocolate peanut butter football shaped treats. And THEN we googled the start time of the game and realized it was after naptime. At the end of the night, I tucked Cass in and as I was tucking her in it hit her. "Wait. Daddy said we were going to WATCH FOOTBALL TONIGHT. I WANT TO WATCH FOOTBALL!" So. I decided to let her watch some football. Even though it was bedtime. When I came back downstairs after awhile, this is what I found. Daddy officially has his football watching buddy.

It's too cold so I'll stay right here...

Cass *used to* go to the bus with me in the mornings. But, alas, she has decided it is too cold (um, it is) and hangs on the couch while I walk Troy out front. Footie pajamas and iPad for the win... is it spring yet!?


This is how Troy feels about it being the WEEKEND! Haha.


I'll give you a few seconds to guess what I "did" to make my daughter melt into this puddle of a mess. (wait for it, wait for it...)

I painted my toe nails while she napped. WITHOUT HER. HOW DARE I!?!?

"Why did you paint your nails, and MY nails need paint and I WANT TO PAINT MY NAILS!!!!! WAAAHHHHHHH!"

It is also worth noting that it took her less than 10 seconds to notice my toenails were painted. 10.seconds.people.  Wow.