Monday, May 22, 2017

"W" For Woods

I let Troy write some "W"s on our calendar for the woods, which means we take a walk to our woods and explore. The first one of the year was a success, with bullfrog spottings right out of the gates. We just didn't catch any!

Bug spray. Bandaids. Tick checks. All a part of our normal summer happenings :)

There's one! Spotted him! Just couldn't get one though ;)

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Thanks to Troy's VERY thoughtful teacher, Mother's Day was made out to be a big deal in our house this year. Starting with Troy's very adamant request that I NOT wake up early on Mother's Day and he "would come and get me when it was time to wake up" :) Breakfast in bed made by my son! And supervised by his daddy, whose feet were ready to hit the floor running as soon as Troy got up that morning :)

Oatmeal with apples :)

My gift was a really cool canvas project Troy made at school!

And a very thoughtful card, handwritten by my boy :)

Message  - "I love you watching me (play). I love you tickling me."

After my breakfast in bed, we headed north for a fun day at Gramma and Grampa's house in Chicago!

Troy made a huge dinosaur scene out in the yard. The weather was perfection!

And Cass picked a shadier spot (like Bear) to play with Barbies galore.

Kindergarten Family Picnic

Nearing the end of the school year, the number of "special" things that popped up kept increasing. This one, all four of us were able to have a lunch picnic out on Troy's playground for lunch one day, and then stay for recess to play, too.

There were a LOT of people there! Finding a spot to sit was a challenge!

As soon as we were done eating, the kids wasted no time in running on to the playground.

Troy showed me how he was practicing jump rope skills.

And kept begging "Mom PLAY with me!" So I chased him around the (enclosed, well fenced) playground promptly.

After Troy moved on to showing Mike his basketball skills, I mentioned how I was going to go look for Cass since I hadn't seen her in awhile. I scouted out the playground and didn't see her in the first two minutes. It wasn't much longer until I heard the principal come over the PA announcing "we have a little girl with goldilocks hair who has a missing parent.... mom's name is Amy...."

And so I became the "lost parent" at the kindergarten picnic. Proud mom moment? My daughter knows to ask for help when she can't find me AND remembers my name. Winning!

Urbana Playscape and Nature Center

Early out days from school are usually a good chance to go and do something fun. I thought we'd take a ride over to the Urbana "Playscape" that just opened to see what it was like. As big fans of the Homer Lake Playscape, I wasn't sure what to expect. While not the same, it WAS a fun place to go spend an afternoon, without a doubt! Especially for my nature lovers :)

Rocks to climb on? Yes please.

Sand to dig in WITH provided sand toys?! Yep and yep.

When it started to drizzle, we headed inside into the nature center. I think we've only come in here once or twice before. Right now? Perfect for my kids!

Troy found fossils found by local scientists!

Cass enjoyed the bird watching room.

While Troy read about different frogs.

As the rain died down, we did a very short walk out onto the trail. The kids liked the bridge.

And the magnifying glass the staff had given the kids was a huge hit too!

Last Day - Preschool Pals

Cassidy's "Preschool Pals" were the perfect "pre-preschool" experience for her this spring. She got her first taste of what school would be like, and when it came to a close, she was already inquiring what would be next. Thankfully, she's very excited for next year's preschool, and proudly announces she's all done with preschool pals too.

On the last day, she brought me in to show me around. So fun to see her taking ownership of the different things, as the only other time I was in the classroom was before she began.

Here she is showing off her cubby, .

That night she was outside playing with our next door neighbor. While not classmates yet, once they begin school together in the same grade i think we'll have lots of "first day" bus pictures and such of these two!

On Top of the World

With not *quite* the same level of fearlessness as her brother, I am often reminded that she is still quite brave. The biggest, tallest thing at the playground is the first thing she always runs to, no matter where we are. This day was no exception. Without a doubt, she's inspired by her brother and I am so thankful for that!

Skirts and Dirt

I'm so grateful not only do we have so many boys and girls right in the neighborhood for the kids to play with, but they all (boys and girls alike) just love poking around outside in the dirt. This trio of girls ended up in our backyard one day hiding little beads in the garden and playing hide and go seek looking for them. The simple things!