Friday, September 23, 2016

Visit to Homer Lake

Homer Lake and its "natural playscape" have been a favorite of ours to visit for several years. We used to live less than 15 minutes away, so with it being a bit further and honestly just falling off my radar, we never made it over this summer. Thankful for my friend Sarah keeping it on her "must visit" list this year and inviting us to join them! Off we went! (Side note. Cass was so teeny the last time we were there!)

I can't even begin with these photos. My kids are just in their element out in nature. When talking to a co-worker the next day, he said, "That Troy! He sure is an outdoorsman!" Truth.

We were there less than five minutes before Troy had found a teeny little frog.

Troy showing something (the frog?) off to Cass and Benjamin.

Cass loves water just as much as big bro does.

When did she get so long and lanky!? Crazy how that happens.

Just doing his thing. Playing in a lake.

Even Troy was a little grossed out by all this seaweed. Is it the sea if its Central Illinois lakes!?

He also managed to catch some tadpoles and put them in a cup to watch swim around for a bit. Fascinating!

Lego Creation - Zoo

Troy built a Lego zoo recently. Complete with animals like this snake in the "snake enclosure" and a zoo worker with a poop shovel. Because, very matter-of-factly, Troy said it was his job and someone has to do it! :)

College Football Saturday Rolls On

Another college football Saturday, another collection of great "around the house" moments with my fam!

Someone was hiding in our bed as we struggled to get going for the day!

Pizza party for lunch!

I had fun making this Timehop-inspired collage of my Troy boy.

Blissful afternoon football time with my #1 guy - one kid sleeping, one kid Lego building!

Dinner for the football-marathoner :)  We just that each College Football Saturday is like a holiday for Mike, so... Happy Holidays, baby!

The kids ended the night with mega cuteness, including Cassidy practicing her gymnastics in the basement. She really knows how to stick those landings!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Staying Up Past Bedtime Recipe

The kids have figured out the key to staying up past bedtime on a weekend is to play really, really nicely with each other and pile on extra layers of cuteness. They did precisely that this past weekend and earned themselves some borrowed time until we decided to make 'em head upstairs.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

BEE sticker

One of the many rewards they have around school are BEE stickers. Anyone (teacher or lunchroom supervisor or otherwise) that works at the school can give out a BEE. Troy earned his very first BEE sticker for good behavior at lunch by being quiet and listening. We were very proud, as was he!

One of my hats - swim instructor

I plan to take Cass swimming somewhat regularly at the Y to work one-on-one with her on swimming. She seems to agree with this plan as we had our first swimming date :)

She's very comfortable in the water and had been telling me towards the end of the summer, "I don't want your arms mama!" Sooooo, learn to swim it is.

So silly, this girly :) 

After some splashing around, we did get to work. Swim instructor and videographer don't exactly go hand in hand but I captured this short video of she and I playing red light green light and practicing our kicks!

Bus Walk Dates

I love walking this guy to and from the bus each day. Its just a short walk. He *could* do it alone if he and I wanted. But I love the walk and since he's told me he does too, I'm going to walk him every day until he asks me not too. #TimeSlowDown #LoveThisKid #HeartExplode