Tuesday, June 29, 2010

16 week update

And these weeks just keep rolling by! 3.5 ounces of baby just seems so small compared to how large I'm feeling these days! I think the heat is amplifying everything or something :)

Despite the heat, I'm feeling pretty great this week (especially today). Maybe its because Mike's on his way home as I type from a week long trip, maybe its because I got in a great walk with Holly this morning before work or maybe its just because I'm feeling great today! Whatever it is, I'm really thankful for how well I have felt overall in this pregnancy.

In other baby updates, Mike and I have been tossing around girl names. Since we don't know what we're having yet, we've been referring to the baby as "Michael Troy or Girl X" (Mike started the girl x thing). Before Girl X sticks in some way, I knew I needed to start thinking about a list that we could discuss and see what we could agree upon. Up until this weekend, we hadn't agreed on any girl names at all. Mike said a bunch of the names I was suggesting were too old-fashioned...however, one night this weekend, we were talking and I threw out a name that he didn't veto automatically... so we'll see where that leads us :)

I can't end this post this week without taking a second to thank a few people who have shown us incredible generosity this past week too. Baby Cunningham has been loved since the moment we shared the news that he or she is on the way, but this week especially just seems like not only did people show a lot of love for baby, but for Mike and I too. So I send a big thank you to Mom and Dad, the Marx Family, and Michelle G for all your wonderful gifts to Mike, me and baby this past week :) And to everyone else who continues to bless us with thoughtful gifts, we love you all and are so blessed to share this experience with you.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Now that's better!

Feels good to have some baby clothes washed and hung in the nursery closet! YEA! (Can you tell I'm excited to continue filling that closet?)
Pretty soon there will be some pink or blue in there too... about 6 weeks until we find out!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Floating down the river

Seriously, the lazy river at our local pool (which by the way, is NOT the one in the picture!) is my new favorite place. I think I could float in that river every day for like an hour. I've been twice now, including yesterday, to swim laps, and then treating myself to a leisurely float around the river. I could go back this morning it felt so good. Those lifeguards must look at me like I'm crazy, floating around in my own little world!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

15 week update

15 weeks today! I always look forward to putting up these week by week posts. It forces me to reflect on the week and sum it up in a handful of sentences. So the baby is growing rapidly right now, roughly doubling in weight every two weeks. After some reassuring from many women who have "been there", I am convinced I have felt the baby move a handful of times. It's still always a big question, did I or didn't I, every time I feel it though, so it'll be fun once I'm sure of it and can't deny it at all :)
Mom and Dad came down to visit on Father's Day and Mom mentioned that it didn't look like I'd grown much in the last 3 weeks. Regardless of how I look, I am so much more aware of feeling how things are different now. As I reached for a bag up high in a cubby in the nursery on Sunday, I must have made a noise or something and the mom at the counter just said, "It only gets harder, honey." That made me laugh a little.
I've been tossing around some girls names to Mike as I thought it'd be fun to have our girl's name chosen too, so when we find out what the baby is in August we can walk out of the appointment knowing what the baby's name is. So far we haven't found anything we can come close to agree on, though, so if its a girl, naming her might take a little more effort than when we came up with "Michael Troy".

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Volunteering at Living Alternatives

On Saturday, some of the women from my small group got together to go volunteer at the pregnancy resource center here in Champaign, Living Alternatives. I didn't know too much about this awesome organization going in to it, but found out lots of great things they are doing for the women and children in our community! On Saturday, we focused on going through the clothing room and sorting through the many, many clothes that are given out free of charge from the center. We had a lot of fun visiting with each other, and I have to admit, hanging all those tiny clothes on the mini-hangers was an awful lot of fun too!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pearly whites

Here's one of those things no one tells you about pregnancy. Your hormones mess with everything, including your gums. Sure the books tell you how important it is to continue with regular teeth cleanings and say that your gums may be a little extra sensitive when you brush them... all I have to say after my teeth cleaning this morning is OUCH! "A little extra sensitive" doesn't really explain it!

So I'm not saying you should avoid the dentist like the plague while you're pregnant. In fact, I'll probably go again during this pregnancy so I can get my next cleaning out of the way before baby comes. It's just not the most fun thing to do :(

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

14 weeks

14 weeks today! And a great way to celebrate a new week is to go for my monthly check-up. I swear, I could listen to baby's heartbeat every day and it wouldn't get old! The heartbeat was at 150 today and the midwife found it no problem- nothing like last month! And yes, today did mark my first appointment with the midwife. There are three midwives in the practice and most people see all of them throughout their pregnancy so they know them all well before delivery. I really liked the one I met with today, so I know I'll look forward to seeing her again.

I was bummed to learn that next month will not be the appointment where we find out boy or girl... it will be in August. Even though most people get that ultrasound 18-22 weeks, the midwife informed me that for most people with no complications, they like to wait until 22 weeks so that can be the only ultrasound people get, as long as everything checks out okay. But I walked out focusing on the fact that baby is growing great and my health is good too :)

Here's the latest bump pic. Hopefully in the next few weeks it will be evident to the average person that I'm not just losing my waistline but I'm actually carrying a child. I'm definitely noticing my growing belly more, and when Mike got back from a trip this week, he gave me a hug and was surprised to notice he clearly notices it now too. I notice that I can feel things a lot more- stretching, pulling, moving, etc. "They" say its too early to feel the baby move, but I've felt some very different bubbly-like feelings twice on Sunday and once yesterday that seemed to fit the bill. Nevertheless, I should be feeling baby regularly by a month from now :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Playdate for Bear

Last weekend we had our next door neighbors over for dinner and they brought their dog with. Chez has played with Jack a handful of times since we moved in over a year ago. They always team up to bark at trespassers when they're out in the yard and frequently whine to play with each other. After two hours of romping in the yard last week, ending with a doggy bath in each yard after they parted ways, we knew we had to let them play again soon.

So today, despite the horrible heat, our neighbors were moving some furniture around and asked if Jack could come play for an hour or so. Sure, I'll make sure to keep them cool! I maneuvered our big blue kiddie pool out into the yard for them and filled it up. It wasn't until about twenty minutes later that I remembered our big tough-looking visitor really hated the water, in all forms. So Chez ran around in the pool and then shook off near Jack, over and over. And he watched the entire time...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Your Best Birth"

I read this book start to finish in like three days this week. And despite the fact that Ricki Lake is one of the co-authors, it was very informative and I took a lot away from it. Basically it was all about just informing you on what's available out there, and what is "standard" in US hospitals when it comes to birth today. One really interesteing take-away for me is when they wrote that American women will spend hours upon hours walking through baby stores and pouring over the internet for the perfect crib, but won't give anywhere near as much time educating themselves about birth. Though I haven't gone crib-crazy yet, I've been looking at strollers and car seats, safety ratings and user reviews a ton! Hopefully spending some time reading this book rounded my thoughts out a little bit :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gender Poll

Just a little over a month away and we'll be finding out if its a boy or girl! Vote in the poll to the left and let us know what you think we're having! Feel free to post comments explaining your vote :)

Mountain of Food

I hope you all enjoy reading what I am about to post- the daily mountain of food.

I have had an insatiable appetite for about 2 weeks now (maybe 3?) Couple that with the fact that I'm getting more exercise in recent weeks than before and I can't stop eating. Now I know that pregnant women can gain weight fast/ too much weight quickly. I am really, really trying to be sensitive to that and not gain too much weight with this baby. I'm just super hungry and feel like that means my baby is hungry too.

So please enjoy as I list off the food I currently have on hand for my 8 hr work day. No, I will probably not eat it all, but some days I eat everything I bring. Yikes.

Poptarts (my morning treat)
Natural applesauce (thank you, Daniel Fast- this is one of my biggest cravings thus far)
1/2 pint of cherry tomatoes (ate the first half yesterday)
one whole cucumber, still need to cut that up here
orange sesame chicken weight watchers meal for lunch
eggroll, maybe to go with my lunch
baggie full of fresh cherries
1/2 bag of baby carrots (left over from earlier this week)
1 light mozzarella string cheese

Aside from the poptarts, which I won't be buying again (they were an impulse buy last weekend), I feel pretty good about my choices :)

Am I am complete anomaly in comparison to other pregnant women? Or does this sound like anything you experienced?

(And now I will get up and throw my pop tart wrapper away...)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello 2nd trimester... 13 weeks!

Woo hoo! Even though I've been feeling a whole lot better for about two weeks, getting to that second trimester milestone is where a lot of women say they feel a turning point in their pregnancy. I'm just happy to have my appetite here, full force, and to be getting a little energy back each day. Every night I hit 9pm isn't such a huge victory any more!

This week baby is the size of a peach. Until now, baby's head has been very large in proportionate comparison to the rest of his or her body. But beginning this week, my newsletter said that the rest of the body is catching up and the head is only about 1/3 of its total size now.

This week, I picked up a number of new books at the library. Mike has joked with me that a woman could not possibly need any more books on pregnancy, and I informed him that now my research has turned to birthing books and that there is a difference between pregnancy books and birthing books. I have my first appointment with the midwife next week (since my switch from OB to midwife) and am looking forward to planning a natural birth for baby (prepares for comments telling me I'm crazy... now).

Another exciting thing about the appointment next week is that it is the LAST one that stands between now and finding out if we're carrying a little Michael Troy (boy) or ? (girl). We should know by end of July whether to shop for pink or blue... and believe me, I'll be ready to shop!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

S'mores of fun

April and May were pretty busy months for Mike and I. Mike had a lot of travel, and I had a lot of sleep and evening nausea to deal with. Then the last two weekends in May I was up in Chicago for wedding happenings. So, when a weekend with no travel plans for either of us popped up, we had a number of friends to get together with that we haven't seen too much recently. It was an awesome weekend, although I was a little over-tired by the end of it :)

On Friday night, we had one of Mike's former athletes who is home for the summer over to our house. She and I were talking before Mike got home from work and I mentioned I was trying to figure out how to achieve a somewhat sub-par s'more for dessert that night since clearly we were eating at our house and not out at a campground. But come on, how can you look at that picture above and NOT want a s'more, RIGHT NOW?! Our s'mores over the grill were pretty good, but it further affirmed the fact that even if we don't drag out all our camping gear for an overnight this summer, we at least need to go out to the lake one night to build a campfire and do the food part of camping!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


After my failed first attempt at blogging, I have officially passed my total number of posts ever in blog #1 through this blog.

Yes folks, that means that my one month or so of blogging about baby has produced as many posts as 10 months of wedding planning.

Actually, now this blog has more posts than the old one. Sweet success! Now if I can just keep it up!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

12 weeks!

I am in my final week of the first trimester! Today marks 12 weeks of pregnancy. I've switched where I'm getting my "what size is the baby updates", and it says this week baby is the size of a plum. Yes, the previous source I was using said 2 weeks ago baby was the size of a plum... whatever. It also says baby is switching into the "growth and maturation stage" since nearly all the systems have developed already... baby just needs to grow!

Regardless of the size of our baby, my belly is getting huge! I can't believe there's going to be 28 more weeks of growing going on in there. I just keep telling myself its a little growth spurt right now and things will slow down again so I don't keep growing so fast. My energy and appetite are great on a day to day basis (though a full day of wedding happenings on Sunday pushed me beyond exhausted!)

By the way, the wedding was a lot of fun this weekend and Andy and Daria had a great time celebrating their marriage. Congratulations you two... enjoy Italy!