Tuesday, August 31, 2010

25 weeks

Here I am, in the last week (or so) of the second trimester! Home stretch coming right around the corner :) Everybody says the second trimester is the "honeymoon", when you feel really well after the initial sickness/ aches and pains, and before you get close to the end and things start getting uncomfortable again. Thankfully, I have felt really great for the better part of the last few months... but now I'm definitely learning the importance of keeping my feet up to avoid swelling, the floor on my side of the bed looks like a pillow factory due to all the different options depending on what I feel like and I look at my weekends and make sure I have time for an afternoon nap on Saturdays and Sundays!

Troy is the size of an eggplant this month now, which judging from how hard he's kicking these days, I think he's an awfully large eggplant! He's always really active after any meal, I can usually feel him when I get up for bathroom breaks in the middle of the night, and loud music (church, concerts, whatever) always perks him up too. In fact, this morning while I was getting ready for work, I laid down for a few and was able to see my belly moving when he kicked for the first time! Now that we're getting closer to him arriving, I start to think more and more about how these day to day things are going to change once we have an "outside baby" as opposed to a little guy who just goes along for the ride wherever, whenever.

His bedroom is coming along great, too! I think all the painting is DONE after checking out Mike's work from last night in the daytime light this morning. I love the color, and we've found some adorable "Team Safari" gear for the walls (thank you, Ebay!) After that, we'll start getting some furniture in there and it'll start to look like a real room!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Two wonderful years of marriage today... love you, Mike!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Anniversary date- Radio Maria

Our second anniversary is tomorrow, and in celebration of this occassion, Mike had the idea to go to the place where we had our second date, Radio Maria in downtown Champaign. (He had the same idea when we were deciding where to go for our first anniversary last year... first date at Miko's Japanese restaurant.) We went some classy places on our first few dates, and I remember the first three, so we're good for continuing the tradition next year. However, I think after that we started eating a lot of meals at Dos Reales, our fav Mexican place...

There can only be one first place...

This goes out to all the guys who read this blog. There's got to be more then just one (me)!

With our two year anniversary quickly approaching (Monday) I got to thinking how great of a wife Amy is. And when you boil it all down, add it all up, and think straight on it, she's is #1 super fun high fantastic uber wife!

Guys, she's the bee's knees (what does that even mean?!). She is a great cook, funny as all get out, let's me do whatever I want (within reason), highly encouraging, super helpful, an awesome Believer, a great friend (not only to me, but to you too!), crazy selfless, and well I could go on but it's almost 1am and I really need to go to bed (got to finish that paint job).

So with the second anniversary right around the corner, I've got to tell you, there can only be one first place and Amy takes it. I'm super thankful that I have found my soulmate, best friend, and future mom of my child all in one person. I know you guys are jealous that I found the #1 wife out there, but it's ok. I bet you think your wife is super great too, huh? I even bet she'd love to hear you tell her. What do you say?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

...and we have paint!

Mike was a busy painter this afternoon in Troy's room. I had to take a couple action shots as he got started and then I left the room to give him space to work :) More to do tomorrow, will post pictures when its done. It looks great so far! Thanks for being such a great painter, Mike!

Hard at work, just getting started!
Bear (and her Tigger) were happy to supervise the operation from the doorway.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Nursery prep

This last week or so, I've been thinking a lot about the nursery. With Mike getting ready to paint this weekend, and our crib making its way down here in a couple weeks (thanks again, Marx fam, and thanks Mom and Dad for making the transport!) I've been thinking about what will go where and what else we still need to buy. I know we're going to need some kind of dresser or something to put a changing pad on top of (I really don't want to buy a changing table since so many people say its a waste of space and money, I'd rather get a dresser) and I've been shopping around trying to find something that'll work.

Here's a pic of the crib we'll be using...

And I'm thinking about getting something like this to put a changing pad on top of.

Then we'll have our glider, and maybe some other small storage, like a 2 shelf bookcase or something down the road. Our closet has TONS of storage so I don't have a need for too many things to be stored in drawers :)

What do you think? What's worked well for you?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

24 weeks

And the growing continues... I look at this picture and just wonder how in the world I have 16 more weeks of growing to go before our little guy is ready to vacate his current residence! This picture was just taken yesterday, so pretty much accurate to 24 weeks (except I seem to grow overnight, every night, so I'm sure I'm even bigger today!)

My start to my week has been a little slow. After a great weekend, where I felt really good for a few days in a row, I spent most of yesterday (and am realizing today is starting the same way) just totally wiped out. I feel like I'm back in the first few months of pregnancy again. It's amazing how after 9 1/2 solid hours of great sleep I can wake up and feel like I just could go back to bed all over again. Thankfully, Dr Google tells me this should be short lived and that kind of fatigue shouldn't come back for a long stretch until the very end. It's also a huge bonus that even when I'm feeling really tired, I can still feel Troy moving around in there and having a great time. Nothing really seems to bother him :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The new "go to"

So I have to admit, I have lost a little of bit of ambition in the kitchen over the last several months. We've been eating more tacos, more quick things on the grill and I've bought more things out of a box or a bag than I ever have before :(

So I've been searching for some new "go to" recipes to throw into the mix for the nights I don't feel like cooking, but want a good meal. This one has been the first one that we've both actually really liked; I also really like that you can mix it up a little and pair it with pretty much any basic side of veggies or whatever. So I've typed it up to share with you. From the Campbells one dish meal cookbook...

Campbells Chicken and Stuffing Skillet


This is the second time this week I have woken up for a bathroom break in the 2-3am range and not been able to go back to bed because I was hungry :( So I am downstairs with my bleary-eyed dog watching me eat a semi-stale bagel. Mmmmmm. That is all.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Team Safari!

We just got back from a fun-filled night in Indianapolis with my parents. We drove down yesterday during the day to meet up with them and check into our hotel for the night. After a delicious dinner at PF Changs (or Senor Changs, as Dad referred to it) we headed down to the Indiana State Fair for the Sugarland concert. Three years ago, Mike and I drove over to the Illinois State Fair to catch them in concert, and two years ago they happened to be opening for Kenny Chesney when the four of us got tickets to that event at Soldier Field. So it was fun to see them again and here some of their new music. A few pics from the concert...

Then today, the plan was to head out and do some shopping, then go back towards Champaign for lunch before Mom and Dad drove home to Chicago. I did a quick google search to try and find a Babies R Us near our hotel last night and couldn't find one... BUT as we caravan-ed over to the gas station to fuel up, what did we stumble across.... Babies R Us!! Sweet! So all four of us went over there for a "quick 10 minute trip", which ended up being much longer. We got into the nursery bedding section and started looking at all the different options... yes, we had been moving forward with the turtle idea BUT Mike had been a little discontent with the whole turtle theme from the get go. So since we haven't painted anything yet, we thought we'd entertain the idea of seeing what else was out there. And, together, we came to this decision to join TEAM SAFARI (that's the name of the bedding, FYI). I think it'll be super cute for little Troy's room, and since Mike wanted a sports theme and I wanted animals this is a good cross :)

After our extended 10 minute trip to Babies R Us we got on the road, and I quickly realized I would be hungry long before we got back to Champaign... SO we decided to stop at the Beef House in Covington, IN instead. Much like Avanti's last week, Beef House had been built up to be this great place "worth the trip", etc for me for the last few years. Thankfully, it WAS a great place and our meal was beyond delicious and I'm still full hours later :) Thanks Mom, Dad and Mike for a fun weekend!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

23 weeks

No new fruit or veggie picture this week since Troy's growth has slowed down a bit and they only send me the fruit or vegetable of the month now. Kind of funny actually...

Now it doesn't feel like he is growing slowly at all... those kicks are packing some serious punch these days! I can't imagine what its like to have 3, 4 or 6 pounds of baby kicking me instead of the just over 1 pound that's in there right now. Gone are the tiny little bubbly feeling flutters, and here are the knees, elbows, arms and everything else. Just to be clear, these movements are much more fun, since now I can interact with him a bit more when he gets going. If I rub my belly where he's kicking he'll usually kick back harder, and I can tell where he's laying (sort of) now, too. No clue what I'm feeling, but I can tell there's a baby in there :)

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going by... I feel like its going to continue to go quickly too. With every passing week, we get one week closer to meeting our little guy, and keep getting more and more excited for that day. I know its going to be hard work and challenging at times, but I cannot WAIT to meet you, baby Troy :) We are all going to have so much fun!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School Blast!

Each year, our church holds a big back to school outreach called the Back to School Blast. We've been involved every year, but only in picking out backpacks and school supplies for the kids that come to the event- we've never actually volunteered at the event until this year. When Mike invited me to the Vineyard for the first time, this outreach was gearing up, and it was the first thing we did something together at the church. Being the semi-decent picture taker I am, I have pictures from our first year of backpack shopping...

Fast forward to 2010. I've learned a lot more about this event and all that goes into it through my job at the church, so I asked Mike if he'd be interested in volunteering with me at the event. I was excited to see how it all came together :) And did it ever! Three days before the Blast, we had closed registration at over 500 kids, but had collected less than 3o0 backpacks to date. Going along with our current sermon series, "Miraculous Multiplication", we started praying that our backpacks would miraculously be multiplied by the event. By the day of the event, just three days later, our church family brought in a total of nearly 800 backpacks, at least enough for every registered child and more :)

The event was awesome. Families were not only blessed with free backpacks and school supplies, but also a dinner, food from our food pantry, manicures, haircuts, back to school physicals, photos, prayer, prophetic encouragement, dream interpretation and more. I felt so blessed to be a part of this church family, being the hands and feet of Jesus right here in our community. A few highlights since I could go on and on...
  • Mike and I were walking to our registration station and he stopped to talk to someone so I turned around to see what was going on. He had found the boy that picked out the backpack he had donated! (The boy was walking around wearing it.) It was a cool sporty backpack from a track thing earlier this year. It was awesome he got to meet the kid that directly benefited from his donation. If I was truly a great picture taker/ blogger, I would have caught the two of them for a photo before we continued on our way.
  • I got to see a few of the families I used to work closely with at the YMCA, including one very special family. The mom came up to me at registration and told me they still had a picture up in their house of me and their family at a Christmas outreach we held back in 07, and when I found her to catch up more later, she was excited to tell me about all the great things happening with her family now, like having a car and a license and moving to a new neighborhood. She was interested in bringing the kids back to church so I made sure to give her my info in case they wanted to meet up one weekend.

  • It hit me last night as I watched a few of my friends toting along their infants as they served that by this time next year WE will have a little one in our arms to show him what its like to be like Jesus and serve others. That opportunity, my friends, is more exciting than anything else :)

There is no vacuum...

Editor's note: This blog is done by the future daddy to be, Mike. This is a break from your normal well written nice attitude blogger, Amy. Let us begin...

With the gamble that this will sound like the beginning of an AA meeting here we go; Hi, my name is Mike. (hi mike!) I am a Troyaholic. It's been almost exactly 13 years to the day that I became a fan of the greatest university in the world, Troy (State) University.

I know, I know, that is a HUGE shock to those that know me or know me through my lovely wife Amy. If you really know us, then you have seen Troyville (the basement), perused the website I own (www.GoTroyTrojans.com) and maybe even know that our future son (December, holy cow!) will be named Troy Michael Cunningham. I wanted to write this blog to introduce everyone to why he will be named Troy, as I assume most of you think we're doing it because I went to school there and come hell or highwater, my son will be named after my alma mater because our football team is better then yours! You couldn't be further from the truth.

You see, life is not a vacuum. We are all influenced in some form of fashion by those we interact with and with those we observe. Even the most independent of us have been manipulated by those that partake in our life. Some of us had tremendously great parents who helped nurture us, supported us, and generally showed us that we were great and that we could do anything. Through their teachings, lessons, and example, we were molded into the great and wonderful people that we are today.

Others of us had some life changing experience that showed us that we were strong, influential, and maybe even intelligent. From a near death experience to a volunteer adventure, these different happenings can really set us on our path. No matter where that path leads us or will lead us.

For me, my thing was college. It all started because I was in college in the first place! My family had no previous college experience and I was the first to go. That in and of itself was a major accomplishment in my life. But that was only the beginning, because as you see, the college I attended changed me and made me in ways that I never thought it would. In fact, I fought the mold my college life was putting me and yet it won. Thank God.

My college, TROY University, surrounded me with people that genuinly loved me and more importantly they showed me someone who truthfully loved me; God. While I didn't know it at the time, people such as Melissa Daily, Courtney Culbertson and Bob Lambert where encouraging me to go to church, explore my faith and learn what The Good News is. I resisted. Trust me, I resisted. Yet they persisted. Not in an overbearing way, but in a loving friendly Godly way. And while these three Trojans were the leaders in sculpting my faith, there are so many others who were just as influential. I couldn't even begin to name them all.

So, why am I naming my first born TROY? It's not because our football team is awesome. It's not because my degree is from there. And it's not because I started my track and field career there. I'm naming my son Troy to thank all the people who had influence over me during my time there. From those that I remain in contact with today, to those that I touch base with once very year or two, and even to those nameless that I only remember the example that they set. It's because TROY University made me who I am today. It helped make me a Believer and I can never thank the people who made TROY what it was to me enough.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Zap it!

Today Mike and I planned a trip over to Bloomington-Normal to visit their Target and Babies R Us to register for some gear for Troy. Friends of ours tipped us off that the baby selections were much better at the Bloomington stores than ours here in Champaign, so we thought it'd be worth the trip. (Thanks for the suggestion Jackie, it totally was!)

Mike wore all his Troy gear today in support of planning for his son's impending arrival. I can only imagine how much Troy stuff he'll be wearing in the delivery room to welcome his son to the world! We had tons of fun zapping things and learning about all the different things out there for babies. I consider myself to have been around lots of babies, and their gear, for the better part of my life but I still can't get over how many different kinds of EVERYTHING there are when you're looking at it in a store. Yikes.

Afterwards we sought out the restaurant "Avantis" that we've heard a variety of our friends and co-workers talking about. An Italian place unique to Bloomington, we expected to be in for a real treat. However, as most places are when they are built up for months or years, it didn't really live up to our expectations. Not to say we didn't have a good lunch, or a great day once all was done!

We only bought one thing during our registering adventures today. I had picked out this nursery theme online called "Turtle Reef" for our little guy's room, but hadn't planned on seeing anything from this set in the stores. Even though they didn't have the crib bedding, we stumbled across an awesome fleece blanket from the same set, and I had to get it! Now I've seen the colors in person AND got a great blanket for little Troy's collection. I laid it out when we got home and thought I'd take a picture of it for you. Just for clarification, the dog did NOT come with the blanket :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flower delivery

The card read, "To Mommy! Yeah! I'm a boy! Love, Troy"

What a pleasant surprise this afternoon! First time my hubby partnered up with our baby to get me something special :)

22 weeks

22 week update today! So much news on baby Cunningham today! We are very excited to announce that baby is a BOY and little Michael Troy (edit: Troy Michael) is developing perfectly healthy so far. YAY! Our ultrasound went great today, and even though baby was flopping around like crazy in the beginning and the tech wasn't able to get all her measurements the first go around, he eventually gave in and started to cooperate. We had a lot of fun watching baby on the screen and our tech printed lots of pics!

Then we had our midwife appointment and Mike got to meet my favorite midwife so far. We hadn't even walked back out to the waiting room by the time he said he liked her a whole lot too! Though the other one I've met is great too, and I still have a third to meet next month, I definitely hope this one is on call when baby comes. She told us that Troy is in the 48% percentile for his age, so he's pretty much right on average. His heartbeat was 145 at this appointment too, which seems to be about where its been the last 3 months.

After the ultrasound, Mike and I went out to lunch (BW3, his pick. If it was a girl, I was going to pick where to go for lunch, and a boy, Mike would) and then I took Mike back to work and left to do some shopping with Jackie and Tessa. I made a beline for the baby boy clothes at Kohls and had a ton of fun picking some cute outfits out. Little Troy is going to have a styling wardrobe by the time he arrives!

And now, what you've been waiting for! A few pics of baby... meet Michael Troy(edit: Troy Michael)!

"Hey, everybody! See you again soon!"

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Annual Ice Cream Date

We've only got one Coldstone Creamery here in C-U, and once a summer (never more than that yet!) we treat ourselves to a visit to campus to eat some delicious ice cream creations on Green Street. I love how Coldstone does their "mix-ins" and everything isn't pre-made. In fact, the creation I got had an entire brownie mashed up in it. Wow. There was serious sugar rush after that trip!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

21 weeks

Another week, come and gone! What a ridiculously hot week this has been too. My Alabama husband came home from work today and declared its hot out. That never, ever happens. Despite the heat, baby continues to grow and do its thing in my belly all day and night. The heat may slow me down, but definitely doesn't slow down baby!
There's not a doubt about it now, folks. I am in fact pregnant. My round belly attracts comments from strangers left and right, and a woman at work declared I am "poofing out" yesterday.

I'm also dealing with some of the not-so-fun parts of pregnancy these past few days. I have been experiencing some pretty bad round ligament pain during the day, usually during the afternoon and into the evening. Yesterday in particular it was really bad. I called into the office (my first actual call in this whole pregnancy) and they reassured me it was normal. Any woman I talk to, whether she was last pregnant 40 years ago or 4 months ago, immediately knows what pain I'm referring to. The great thing about it is that laying down and putting my feet up, switching sides tends to help a lot, so its a great excuse to prop my feet up and talk to the baby (who usually kicks in response) so whether I'm at work or at home, I get some quality time with our sweet little one :) It's incredible how just feeling a couple of those little kicks makes any pain totally worth it!
Funny story from this morning. Our dog, Bear, was being all sweet and putting her head on my belly and the baby started kicking really hard in response. Bear was being all cute about it and I had almost let my guard down, until... that familiar noise any dog owner knows that proceeds something bad happening. Sweet time over. Apparently the idea of a baby kicking its way into Bear's World nauseates her.
Well, I've made it all the way through this post without mentioning ONE WEEK FROM TODAY WE FIND OUT WHETHER BABY IS A BOY OR GIRL! Of course, we're continuing to cover Baby in prayer since the main point of this ultrasound is to check on all of Baby's growing parts, inside and out, and neither of us truly cares if this is a boy or girl, we just want Baby to be healthy. It's just so nice to know that next week we should be able to refer to baby as "he" or she" instead of "it".