Tuesday, September 21, 2010

28 weeks

It's about time I post a weekly update and try to get back on doing that for these next few months. For some reason, realizing there's only twelve weeks left seemed like not a whole lot to me today.  The last few days, I've been talking about how I have to start a google doc of my list of things to do before baby arrives. Last Thursday at work I became consumed with thinking about how badly closets needed to be cleaned out in these next few weeks, something we do about 4 times a year but haven't done at all recently. If we pass up this opportunity, we may never get the chance again! (or so my backwards brain thinks....)

We had the thrill of taking our first childbirth class tonight. All of you recent moms and dads who have gone through the Carle class weren't lying about Paula. Anyone who announces she'll be bringing her "pushing clothes" to the last class to demonstrate on the ground is indeed special. I did thoroughly enjoy the relaxation/ breathing techniques practice part of the class, getting a nice little back massage for a minute from Mike. I think we'll be practicing that very often in the weeks to come!

I've been feeling okay the last week or so... definitely more "pregnant", as strangers and acquaintances seem to keep pointing out. I had a sweet lady at church who I see every day just chuckle as she watched me fill up my water glass today... I asked her what was up and she said, "every day, you're just a little bigger!" My not so sweet remark was, "Yep, that's how I hear its supposed to work!" as I turned to walk back to my office. I mean, really, is it a surprise to anyone that, yes, my child and thus, my belly, are growing!? I'm back into going to deep water aerobics class at least once (ideally twice) a week in the evenings. Typically, I feel great for 2 days or so afterwards, and last night, not so much. The actually exercise itself felt great but by the time I got home and started to relax I realized my back still hurt :( Oh well.

And Troy is doing well (at least I assume) by all the kicking and growing and stretching he does. I think he's flipping around a lot these days. Sometimes I feel him up really high near my ribs and other times I feel him kicking in his "normal" place which is the lower right side of my belly. Once in the middle of the night, he was laying in such a funny position that I could actually see my misshapen belly... by morning he had flipped around and wasn't so distorted anymore. I just pray he settles into the right position before he runs out of room to keep flipping in there!

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