Tuesday, September 28, 2010

29 weeks

Baby Troy is now the size of a squash! Very appropriate for the fall, don't you think? When I first saw this picture I thought it was a small pumpkin, which I guess, technically, is what a squash is. Anyways, in this same email I received, it reminded me he is going to TRIPLE in size between now and the end of pregnancy. TRIPLE?! That just seems like an awful lot of baby in a very short period of time!

I'm feeling okay this week, but definitely not as good as I was feeling a few weeks ago. Sitting for long periods is getting more uncomfortable, and even though I'm still sleeping great (thank you, Jesus!) it does take me some extra time to get comfortable before I can fall asleep. Unfortunately I think Mike isn't sleeping quite as well as he used to thanks to my new sleeping tendencies; he kindly mentioned yesterday that I have taken up snoring, as well as more than 3/4 of the bed with all my pillows and stuff. What a good guy :) I also notice being hungry and thirsty much more, though I think I'm eating less than I was in the beginning/middle of pregnancy. I just can't eat as much in one sitting as I'm used to and have to space it out a little bit, otherwise I just don't feel good afterwards.

Next week I have my last monthly midwife appointment- the appointments after that will be every 2 weeks, and then later, every week towards the end. I better make sure I have plenty of reading material stocked up for all that time in the waiting room. Speaking of which, I'm pretty much out of good books to read... anyone have any recommendations? They don't have to be pregnancy/baby related ones either :)


  1. I just started reading It's Not About Me by Max Lucado... it seems like it'll be great!

  2. Under the Dome or whatever it was called by Stephen King...thought it was awesome...