Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog slacker

I've been a bit of a blog slacker this week. I can't even say, oh I've been so busy, or any of a million other excuses... I just haven't blogged. I even missed the "weekly update" for I think the first time this whole pregnancy... oh well. I know you forgive me :)

A few updates around the Cunningham house. There was a lot of fooball excitement around our house this week. For those of you who don't know, Mike is a HUGE college football fan. Every year, on the first college football Saturday we are at home (which this year, happened to be yesterday) we reminisce about the first college football Saturday we hung out during the year we were dating. I looked over at Mike on the couch at around 12 noon, and said, "sooooo this is what you do on college football Saturday?" And he replied simply, "Yes. I don't watch basketball, can't stand baseball and don't even really like the NFL much. But college football... that's my thing!" And as my role as his future wife began to take shape, I quickly learned what my role is on college football Saturdays. Joyfully turn over the remote, keep the snacks coming and indulge in a nap on the couch at some point. Tougher things in life, don't ya think?

Then, the middle of this week, this special delivery arrived from a friend who lives and works at Troy University... Mike jokes that this teeny football jersery is coming in the bag to the hospital and that they (the hospital staff) can just "wipe him off and we've got his first outfit all ready". haha

Another special delivery from this week... I found a crafty lady on Ebay who will make things to go along with your room's theme... things like light switches, ceiling fan blades, wall murals, and about anything else you can think of. Our first order was a set of outlet covers and a light switch, and we've already got a second order in. I highly recommend her if anyone wants her info, I'm happy to share.

And earlier today, Mike and I had a great meeting with a woman we've decided to hire to be our doula for the birth! I'm so excited to be working with Jill and I know she's going to be an amazing support for Mike and I leading up to and at Troy's birth. If you're not familiar with what a doula is, feel free to check out this link to get a real basic overview.

And finally, a picture of Bear that I just snapped while sitting down to blog. She deserves a mention since she had a fun playdate with my friend Michelle's 6 month old baby girl this week, and both Bear and Madelynn got along with each other... baby liked dog and dog liked baby! Next time, Michelle, we need to snap some pics!

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