Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall weather

Tonight marked the first night I had to pull on a jacket! And I just have to ask, ladies, what do you do once it gets so cold you need to button/zip up?? I felt all cute tonight with my belly popping out of my jacket, but the truth is, there was NO way that jacket was coming close to buttoned. Hopefully I can avoid buying a "maternity coat" for what will be like 10 weeks (or less!), so I'm open to some creative ideas!!

Also, thank you to the lovely ladies that met up with me for dinner tonight. Thanks for the great company AND for giving me a reason to stay in "real" clothes (NOT sweatpants) past 7pm :)


  1. I'd say you looked super cute in your fall coat with your belly poking out!

  2. I never got a maternity coat. I was never cold enough to be bothered by just not zipping/buttoning my coat from the car to wherever I was going and I never hung out for very long outside.