Friday, September 3, 2010

Goooooooo Team Safari!

Troy's room is starting to come together! The drop cloths have been removed and its starting to look more like a baby's room instead of an empty room :) Kudos to Mike for all his hard work in there the last week or so. It looks great, and I cannot wait to start getting some furniture in there and keep decorating!

A close-up of the border we just spent our Friday night hanging up around the room. We spent a long time trying to get it "just right" in the beginning... and then we decided anybody that walks into the room won't be looking up at the ceiling much... they'll be looking at the adorably cute kid hanging out in there :)

The very cute valance to go over the window.
That's what we gave the paint people to match for the walls.

A pretty good shot of much of the room. This will probably be the corner we put the crib in once we get it in the next few weeks.

And of course I had to take a shot of the closet while I was up there! Everything baby-related has been piled in there during the painting; pretty soon I can start to organize it. It's soooo fun to see his little wardrobe grow :)

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  1. It looks awesome! The color is great and that border is so cute with all the animals and the sports, what a great compromise.