Saturday, October 30, 2010


One of the few things I hadn't yet experienced during pregnancy had to do with baby Cunningham and the hiccups. I had read that lots of babies get them in the womb, and some just don't. My mom always tells me I had them a ton, for like a day at a time. Approaching the last month-ish of pregnancy, I figured Troy was just going to be one that didn't.

Until yesterday :) Woke up at 5am and, sure enough, he definitely had the hiccups. I laughed at my belly for awhile, went back to bed and when I woke up for the day they were gone.

Today, came downstairs to have first breakfast and as I'm laying here deciding if I'm going back to bed or up for the day, hiccups start again. Another good excuse to smile at my belly.

Have I mentioned how much I love being pregnant? Seriously. This little person inside me is cracking me up!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nursery update

Forgive the rapid fire blog posts in the last 24 hours... lots to catch up on!

Our nursery actually looks like a baby's room... YAY! I am so, so happy with how it looks. I've got to give my hubby (edit: and my dad, too!) some serious props for steering us towards this theme for Troy's room... team safari rocks!

The four foot tall giraffe has arrived! The glider will go in front of him eventually...

Crib bedding and mobile looks awesome!

The dresser has found its place in the room and is filling up with tiny clothes!

33 weeks

Let's just start this post by saying Troy has got to be bigger than a honeydew. This kid feels absolutely huge. Several times a day, when I feel him especially active, I just sit back and stare at my belly as he rolls around in there. I can distinguish between legs, arms, his back, etc now, pretty easily. I have lots of fun with the little guy throughout the day :)

The last couple days I've slept really well through the night, but come 5:30am, I'm completely awake and ready to start my day. Rather than fight it, I've just been getting up and doing a couple things done. It's amazing what I can do with an extra hour during the day! I think nesting has kicked in full force, I'm sure that has something to do with it. I want things put together, unpacked, washed, folded/put away, etc and can't stop thinking about them until they're done.

All the registration paperwork has been completed for the hospital, we've "graduated" from birthing classes and we're getting pretty close to ready to go :) Now let the waiting begin...

Baby shower in Chicago

Mike and I packed up the (rental) car for our final trip to Chicago before baby arrives this past weekend. We drove up Saturday and had some time with the fam during the day before the shower on Sunday. Grandma Mary and Auntie Daria were quite busy the whole time with decorations, food and treats for the guests :) I had an enjoyable time tasting all the food as it was prepared and keeping them company in the kitchen.

Then the shower on Sunday was absolutely wonderful! The house quickly became packed with family, friends and friends/neighbors of the family from over the years. And when it came time for gifts, one person put it quite well... "It looks like a baby store exploded in here!" It didn't take too long for me to get totally overwhelmed by the generosity of all our guests and how eager and excited everyone is to welcome baby Troy. Let's just say when we visit up to Chicago I think there's going to be an awful lot of people knocking on Mom and Dad's door to come say hello :) We're totally blessed.

A sincere and humble "thank you" to all the women I got a chance to spend time with this past weekend. And a huge thanks to Mom and Daria for everything you two did to make this happen!

Nat, Daria and I

Mom, Daria and I right before the shower began

Hanging out with Emily, the very excited big cousin to Troy

loved the advice cards!

Daria arranging cupcakes, with Chez overseeing of course

Monday, October 25, 2010

New wheels!

One short week ago, we were caught off guard when Mike was in his car wreck. However, this situation is just another testimony that God is totally in control of our lives, especially when things seem out of control to us. From Mike walking away from the accident completely and totally uninjured to the amazing service we received from the other driver's insurance (plug for State Farm!), exactly one week after our accident we are driving around in an amazing new vehicle. Not only that, but it was almost completely paid for by the settlement from the car being totalled! Thank you, Jesus!
So look for us on the road in our new 2008 Ford Escape hybrid... yes, we're those hybrid people now!

Mike hopping in the driver's seat for the first time after we got the keys!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm calling it

October 21, 2010- I'm calling it. I will be seeing a lot of the hour between 2 and 3am. Baby is so, so active consistently every night during this time that I can't lay down because my belly is moving so much. So I'm calling it. Once he gets out and has those vocal cords to go along with being wide awake, I am just expecting to be up this hour nearly every night :)

Not that I'm complaining. Aside from this hour, I've been sleeping great the last week or two. So if he gets here and just wants to party for an hour every night, I'm down with that. As long as you sleep before and after this hour, buddy :) Hey, I can dream, hope and pray right?!

Monday, October 18, 2010

simply grateful

That about sums up how I feel today. Just very grateful that Mike was able to walk away from a pretty bad car wreck today. This day could have been a very bad one, but thankfully God sent some serious protection to Mike and he was totally taken care of. The girls that hit him were fine as well, and now its just a matter of letting all the steps that have to take place unfold as far as insurance, etc... as Mike said to the other driver, "We can replace those (the cars), but not us. Just glad we're all ok."

Thank you Jesus, so much, for always looking out for us and never leaving our sides. Thank you so much for keeping Mike safe and completely protected today, and for his continued health as he moves past this crazy day.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Many of you in the C-U area may know about a great restaurant in downtown Urbana called V Picasso. I first went to this place last spring, and I can't even count how many times I've gone since, or how many people I've recommended it too. There's a good chance that if you've asked me for a recommendation on a restaurant in the last six months, this is the one I recommended. And if you and I were going out to eat and let me pick where... good chance I picked here!

Well anyways, my absolute favorite thing there are the spinach croquettes. They're simply delicious. When you order the tapas plate of them, you get two at the restaurant. I typically order 2 of those plates throughout the meal so that I can share (because I could easily eat the whole plate, and if you've ever been for tapas, you know that the most fun part is passing around different plates to share!)

After we went there a few weeks back with our friends Sarah and Fred, Sarah found a recipe to make her own spinach croquettes that next week. So tonight I thought I'd be adventurous and try them myself. This included a trip to the fancy cheese counter at the grocery store, which is a place I don't normally visit! And they turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. Not quite like the restaurant, but my number 1 food critic said "I hit the ball out of the park on this one" :)

The four foot tall giraffe

Now that all our furniture is here, I'm considering what's gonig to go up on the walls. I claimed I was done purchasing things in the "team safari" theme, but... I'm haing a really hard time passing on this four foot tall giraffe I found on Ebay, I even have the perfect spot for him... I may be placing an order soon!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sporting the pink

This weekend I got the chance to bust out some of my pink wardrobe from my days at ACS (what I fit into, at least!) and support the many breast cancer surivors and caregivers at Making Strides. It was once again a beautiful fall day for the walk, and I was happy to see some of my former volunteers and co-workers out there. Though it was different not having to wear a walkie-talkie or run from one end of the event to the other. I simply got to visit and enjoy :) I participated with "Team WBGL" which is my favorite radio station. The team captain, Jerilynn, has an amazing story and she is a very inspiring survivor and I'm happy to have gotten to know her during my time at ACS, and to have stayed in touch with her through WBGL since I left. I hope to stay involved with this event in the years to come and look back on its beginnings, which I'm proud to say I have seen here in Champaign-Urbana!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nursery progress

Our nursery furniture is officially here and assembled! First the crib travelled from the Marx family (thanks again!) down 57 with Grandma and Grandpa (thank YOU again!) to our home! Then Grandma Mary did an awesome job of setting the crib up for us, too :)

We waited for our dresser to arrive, and when it finally did arrive, we got to step like 1-3 and realized one of the pieces was missing, so we had to call the company and wait for that to arrive. This week, it finally did, and Mike and I set it up pretty quickly.

I fully knew they wouldn't match since they were from different companies, different wood stains and I am VERY happy with having them both here and set up. We've also got a glider that's currently downstairs, and I have no idea how I want the furniture arranged in that room. There will probably be more mornings like today where I end up standing in the middle of the room before venturing downstairs checking it out and picturing what should go where :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

baby gear

To say I'm excited to get some baby gear in this house would be an understatement... it's been so fun picking out different things for our little guy, and I've been eye-balling my friends' baby "gear" for months now. Well, when I saw the UPS man maneuvering this big box from Chicco earlier this week, I got really excited :) I just love this travel system that we received as a gift for baby Troy (and any of his future siblings!) The bright green color is great and very neutral; I think they came out with this color earlier in the year, not too long ago, as I haven't seen any of these car seats toted into the church nursery yet (another great place to scout out the latest gear!) And we feel super blessed to have receieved this awesome gift of Troy's first wheels!

Friday, October 8, 2010

A bear and a baby

My friend Michelle introduced her sweet baby girl, Madelynn, to Bear for the first time last month. This afternoon, I was excited to have them over again. Not only did Michelle and I get some great chatting in (as always!) but both Bear and baby were well entertained with each other for the duration of our visit! Thanks again for coming by Michelle, I love our visits and can't wait til Troy joins the party too :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 weeks (plus a day)

Yesterday's appointment at the midwife went really great. Troy is doing great, he's already settled head down, and even though he could still flip around, we're praying he just stays that way until its time for him to arrive. My health is great, which is an awesome blessing. Overall, we're just so thankful for a medically un-exciting pregnancy thus far, and praying that it continues that way for the duration!

Even though I got a great check up and all my stats are awesome, the aches and pains of pregnancy are starting to get to me. For several weeks now, I've been going through nights of great sleep with a few not-so-great ones mixed in, and the last couple nights have been not-so-great. (Mike claims I'm sleeping good as ever since my snoring is so intense :) But as anyone knows, if it doesn't FEEL like you got a great night's sleep, than it takes it's toll on you the next day. So right now, nothing too bad, just lots of tossing and turning. If you'd like to pray for us right now, please pray that I continue to get many more nights of solid, restful sleep in the coming weeks in preparation for the many sleepless nights to come with a newborn :) Thanks in advance!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bump of the Day

Nearly 30 week bump pic :)