Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How it went

Well, last night seemed to be better than the nights before. Attribute it to the routine? Sure. He also ate a ton yesterday and was awake most of the day except for two long naps. So who knows. Here's what we actually did: bath at 8:30 (he screamed, despite the bedtime bath's claim that it would relax him), lotion, quiet awake time with daddy, eat, pray, bed at 9:30. We were only up twice in the middle of the night- the "long" stretch lasted just shy of 2 hours (instead of 3!) and the second time was at 5 this morning and he was right back to bed after a diaper and a quick meal.

And this is a picture of Troy this morning, just because he's so darn cute. He's knocked out and wearing a sleeper that says I love Mommy. Has since pulled the paci out of his mouth and is clutching it with his hand. Precious :)

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