Monday, December 20, 2010

A whole bunch of firsts

It shouldn't surprise me that most things my little guy experiences in a day could be considered a "first" of some sort. Nevertheless, I want to record them so I remember a little about each of them.
  • First trip to church: Sunday, December 19. We went to second service since we had been up a whole bunch the night before. By the time we walked in the door, I already had a couple people following me while I semi-un-bundled Troy. He was treated like a little rock star the whole morning. He slept through the opening worship song (they're a bit loud, so I was wondering how he would react. Must be used to it from his time inside :) all the way through the first half of the message. I stepped out to feed him and came back by the second half of worship. I think my plan in future weeks (at least right now) is to go feed him during the message so I can be back for worship. We've got a great nursing room that streams everything that's happening in the auditorium.
  • First time I left him: Sunday, December 19. I left Troy (and a bottle) so I could go run a quick errand to Kohl's. I knew he was going to be well taken care of, but I couldn't help rushing a little to get back to my boys. Came home and everyone was sleeping.
  • First day alone/ my first outing with Troy: Monday, December 20. With Mom back at home until Christmas and Mike still at work, Troy and I had a day to ourselves. I had to take him to the pediatrician for a check up (We got the all clear! Troy put on weight over the weekend, 7 lbs 4 oz now, and his bili levels are down even further. Now they won't see us, unless we call, until our month check up!) and then we went to Meijer to pick up a couple things. After a quick meal in the pediatrician office, Troy passed out for our trip to the grocery store and I piled in the groceries around his carrier in the cart.
This is what Troy wore to his weigh-in today. I thought he matched so well with his car seat that I had to take a picture.


  1. haha - note to self. Make newborn hats shorter. :)

  2. I like it just the way it is, Em :) He wears it every time we go outside!