Sunday, January 30, 2011

first trip to the "big city"

Yep, I'm blogging about our weekend in Chicago while its still going... but my mom has Troy right now and I had a chance to load all my pictures and spend a few minutes on the computer. So I'm seizing the opportunity!

I started thinking about bringing Troy to Chicago for his first weekend away a few weeks ago. Mike was going to be out of town and even though I didn't really want to do the first road trip by myself I started thinking I could time it right with his naps and make it go smoothly. And even if Mike had been home, I still would have made my best effort to time it right and it still could have ended with him screaming 100 miles (which we totally would have turned around if that happened lol). So I didn't think I had anything to lose :)

visiting grampa at work
Troy did great on the trip up here, and we went straight to the beer company to have lunch with my dad. He could have cared less about all the beer, just wanted milk. Let's keep it that way for the next 21 years buddy.

The rest of Friday we just relaxed around Mom and Dad's. Troy didn't seem to mind being in somebody else's home, especially with all the people and things to entertain him that are here!

On Saturday, Troy had aunts, uncles and a cousin to meet for the first time. He was passed around so much the whole evening, even through an entire nap, but he didn't seem to mind. And he still slept great over night!

We've had a lot of fun staying here in Chicago this weekend, but Troy and I miss Mike tons after having had him home with no trips since before Troy was born/Thanksgiving. So sometime around lunch today we're hitting the road to get back home! Pray for us that our road trip goes just as smoothly as the ride up here went :)

Troy watching the "gramma show"
we thought he looked awfully handsome in his overalls but he doesn't look very happy here

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