Monday, February 28, 2011


february chicago trip

With Mike in New Mexico for a LONG time, Troy and I took the opportunity to spend a couple nights at Mom and Dad's. Aside from hanging out with the fam, Troy had his first Chicago outings... brunch with the Meyer crew in Wicker Park and a visit to our friend Emily's church. Many more fun city outings to come this summer, buddy!

Uncle Andy hanging with Troy. Bear watches closely :)

Fun with Gramma

Friday, February 25, 2011

getting adjusted

Troy had his first chiropractic adjustment today by Dr Melby. Mike and I have had regular chiropractic visits for the last year now, including my entire pregnancy (my last adjustment was about a week and a half before I gave birth). It was interesting to see the techniques he used to check out Troy and see if and where he needed to be adjusted. I thought for sure Troy was going to put up a fight or scream, but he didn't at all. After checking him over, he gave one quick adjustment and Troy was done! In two weeks, we'll check to see if Troy's adjustment held and now Troy switches it up between looking left and looking right when he sleeps (it always used to be right only).

Thursday, February 24, 2011

this IS what handsome looks like

  Troy is 11 weeks old today!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

troy "talks"

Here's a recent video of Troy and I "talking". In addition to his adorable babbles, you'll hear his tummy growl, see drool fall from his mouth and catch a hiccup. I love this kid!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

an action packed weekend!

We've had quite the busy weekend! Troy and I were excited to have Mom come down to Urbana to spend a couple nights with us this weekend. Troy was excited to see more of the "Gramma show" and I was looking forward to getting some errands done, some housework completed and getting spoiled by my mom for a couple days :) Troy had his first visit to the outlet malls, got to meet Alicia for the first time and he has started laughing this week, which is tons of fun! Thanks so much for coming to town Mom, we love ya!

Waking up to smile at Gramma
Smiling and laughing at us :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

big kid fun

This jumperoo is all set up for Troy and even though he's a bit too small it provides all kinds of upright entertainment for a few minutes at a time.

"sloppy kisser"

This shirt couldn't be more true...
So things have been getting messy around here lately. It started with the spitting up a few weeks ago. I thought maybe I was eating something that was bothering Troy. Nope it just seems our little boy has a hearty appetite and doesnt like to take breaks to burp.

Then last week or so its like someone turned on a faucet. Running directly from my child's mouth. I didnt think babies drooled like this until they cut teeth! But yet it seems like Troy's new style is to always have drool marks on his shirt. Thus, the appropriateness of this tshirt!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

spring? yes please!

With the snow rapidly melting and the temperature hitting 45 degrees, I was eager to go for our first outdoor walk! With Troy all bundled up and Bear excitedly jumping up and down, we headed outside on this new adventure...

So what if the walk only lasted 10 minutes and we spent the majority of it in the alley because it was the only place clear of snow? It's almost spring!

Monday, February 14, 2011

hospital bill chuckles

I (thankfully!) have had very limited experience with hospitals throughout my life. But I had heard the tales of the $50 charges for things like pillow cases. So when my thick envelope from Carle Hospital (that I had to request the itemized breakdown for) arrived, I was anxious to see what kinds of things were on (and if in fact, everything on there pertained to my stay). For the most part, we didn't have any questions. And thank goodness for good insurance. But here are some of the highlights of the miscellaneous charges...
  • $14 tablets of ibuprofen. I'm pretty sure that I can get about three bottles of ibuprofen from walgreens for $14. Now you might argue that's for a dosing of 3 pills, so that's really less than $5 per individual pill. I stand corrected :)
  • $5 prenatal vitamin. Yep, I've been getting those for free my whole pregnancy. And this one costs $5.
  • $160 to type my blood. Isn't that kind of thing in my chart?
  • $24 veinpuncture. I believe this is the insertion of my port for IV access. It's funny, everything else is itemized on this bill. Yet the fact that they stuck me 7 times during this procedure doesn't show up. Hmmmm...
And the grand total to birth a baby in a hospital in Central Illinois (before insurance, I'll spare you the balance out of our pocket) is... $9,226! Wow. Troy's baby book asked for the price of a gallon of milk but not the price to birth him. So now its documented here. Once again, thankful for good insurance.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

learning new things

This morning Troy has spent a long time on his activity mat reaching for things and trying to hit things. I thought it was a great example of this stage he's at right now, where he does something one time and then tries to repeat it over and over. In this case, hitting one of the rattle things with his foot instead of his hand. He figures it out in this video:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 month check up

Troy had his two month check up on Friday. Mike surprised us on Thursday and said he'd be taking the day off on Friday and would be able to join us at the pediatrician for the first time. This also happened to be the day of Troy's first shot, so I was glad to have the moral support myself :) This day was also the first time Troy wore some 3-6 month clothes, now that I have them all cleaned and ready. He's modeling his first outfit above :)

Troy weighed in at a hefty 10 pounds 13.5 ounces and was 22 1/4 inches long. He seems so, so big to me but I can't help but think how people have newborns that are practically this size (thank you, Troy, for not being nearly 11 pounds when you were born!) The doctor was very impressed with how strong Troy is, standing on his legs when you hold him up and how great head control he had. 

Then came the dreaded vaccines. The first one, rotavirus, was an oral one and he didn't seem to mind too much. Then the nurse stuck him with the DTaP and he let out a wail. Mike picked him up as soon as he was done and he calmed right down. Next month we'll be back again for what they call a shot-only visit. Since we're following an alternative vaccine schedule, we'll be making visits to the pediatrician office once a month instead of every two months to spread the shots out a bit.

February date night

Mike and I were excited to have our second date since Troy was born this week. (Our first date was to the basketball game last month.) This was right in between my birthday and Valentine's Day, so it was a perfect time to get a dinner for ourselves.

While we were out, Troy went to stay with our good friends and neighbors, the Melbys. We were so glad they were able to watch our boy for us while we ate dinner. (Thanks again!) Troy did great while he was there and I think they got lot of snuggles from him, too :)

We went to dinner at the Olive Garden and both of us ordered dishes we'd never had before. For Mike, the Pear and Gorgonzola Ravioli with Shrimp and for me, Parmesan Crusted Bistecca (steak). My dish inspired me to make parmesan crusted tilapia for us for dinner the following night, which turned out quite well. After a leisurely dinner we made a quick run to Target and then back to get Troy. February date night: success!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

lounging with dad

I love this picture, except for the fact that it is so grainy for some reason. But the look on Troy's face is precious. This was taken the morning after Mike returned from his first trip since Troy was born. I think Troy looks very content to have some Daddy time!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 months old

Happy 2 month birthday, Troy!

Hard to believe that Troy is two months old already! But he is changing so much every day, that when I look back to what he was like four weeks ago, I'm able to see that our little boy is quickly getting bigger and stronger every single day! Here's a few updates on our little guy:

Eating: Troy has doubled (yes, doubled) the amount of pumped milk he drinks from a bottle in the last three weeks. He used to drink 3 oz bottles and now he's shot up to 6. Needless to say, I spend a lot of my time feeding him and pumping milk when I'm not with him these days! I can't wait to see how much he weighs at his two month check up on Friday.

Sleeping: Troy has seemingly "turned the corner" when it comes to sleep in the last two weeks (my nightly prayers for better sleep have been answered!). When he was six weeks old, he was sleeping no more than 4 hours for the first stretch and then staying up awhile, and sleeping another 2-3. Now, as of this week, he goes down around 8 to 9pm and sleeps 6 to 7 hours for his first stretch, quickly eats and sometimes poops and then back to bed for another 3 to 4 hours. Its amazing to not only get a long stretch of sleep but to have an hour or so back in the evening for Mike and I after Troy goes to bed! AND he puts himself to sleep now when we put him in his crib awake!

Playing: Just in the last few days, Troy has started reaching for toys and loves hanging out on his activity mat for 10-15 minutes. I usually put him down to do tummy time first and then he's over that I flip him over and let him lay on his back to watch the lights and sound show for awhile.

Clothes: I packed away all of his newborn clothes during the blizzard last week. Some of his 0-3 month clothes have been put away too. And yesterday he busted the snaps on his cute striped sleeper in his two month picture when he stretched. So there's a load of 3-6 month clothes in the laundry upstairs. We're still using size 1 diapers but probably not for long.

Likes: "Talking" to us while sitting on our laps. Watching the sound and light show on the activity mat. Eating. Music time at Gwynne's. Worship time at church. Having things/people to look at. Baths!

Dislikes: Interrupted meals (i.e. burping). Getting knocked in the face with a dog tail (yea, that happened the first time. Not a surprise its a dislike.) Getting strapped into the carseat.

We love you, Troy! You're such a blessing to us!

Monday, February 7, 2011

troy likes to dance

Check out our boy during the halftime show. He was cracking us up!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The baby gear post

I absolutely loved reading people's reviews of what they found useful and what they didn't when I was registering for baby gifts and shopping around. So even though I'm far from an expert I thought I'd make a post on what I personally found useful and what I did/did not need these first 8 weeks :) And I'm skipping the obvious things like a carseat. And for what its worth, I'm not really focusing on brands or anything, just the actual items...

Stuff I took to the hospital I didn't need
  • Boppy. I had heard some women found this useful for breastfeeding in the beginning but I didn't  (and still don't) find it helpful at all. I remember trying to use it and just getting frustrated and throwing it aside. I think Troy and I got a better start in those early days without having anything special available anyways because it made it really easy for me to feed him wherever, regardless of having a certain pillow available. It's still great for Troy to hang out on, but not needed at the hospital.
  • Way too many clothes (for me and for him). Thankfully I had a short hospital stay and I literally needed one "outfit" since I just wore the hospital gown the day I had Troy. And I also only needed one outfit for him, though I brought several. I can see if you were going to be surprised if your baby was a boy or girl, bringing multiple outfits, but us, well we knew he was a boy. I could have brought 1 newborn outfit and one 0-3month outfit and had all bases covered.
Stuff I didn't bring to the hospital that I wish I had
  • Snacks! Thankfully Jill had some great snacks on hand while I was actually in labor but after I had Troy, we were left with hospital food or anything that people would bring in (Mike thankfully had a few meals brought in to him). Anyways, I should have packed plenty of snacks.
  • A good (but not good) pair of slippers. The slipper socks they gave us were fine, but it would have been nice, in that day after I had Troy, to have a real pair of slippers that could get thrown away after we left. 
Stuff we didn't have at home when we got there that I wish we had
  • Newborn diapers and newborn clothes. I had heard that "they grow out of them so fast" that I had very few newborn clothes and no newborn diapers. But Troy wore only newborn stuff for the first 4 weeks and continued to fit into them (well) until about 6 1/2 weeks. I should have bought some newborn diapers ahead of time and could have just given them away if we didn't need them. And fortunately we were able to borrow a bunch of newborn sleepers from a friend. 
Stuff we had at home that we just didn't need
  • So, so many blankets. And I'm talking like receiving blankets and swaddle blankets that we registered for, not all the unique blankets people made/picked out for us. It didn't take long for me to figure out my two favorite kinds of receiving blankets and swaddlers and the rest we just don't need. 
Stuff we had at home that we couldn't have done without
  • Two stocked diaper stations, one on each floor. This one is a total must if you have a 2 story house. We even kept both diaper pails that we got at our house when we only registered for one, and Mike says that was the best suggestion we got from someone. There's no way I would want to a) put dirty diapers in my kitchen garbage or b) run upstairs to change all the diapers.
  • Swing. We're thankful to have a baby that likes swinging. In fact he's swinging away right now. It wasn't much help when we were struggling to get him to sleep, but he'll be happy in it awake and sometimes drift off to a nap.
  • Sound machine. This one we got a couple weeks in and didn't fully start using until he was falling asleep drowsy instead of trying to put him down asleep. The white noise is great. In fact its one of three "layers" of noise we put in his room as he falls asleep. The radio stays on at a low volume all the time. The noise machine gets turned on and stays on 45 minutes when we put him down. His mobile gets turned on and only lasts like 90 seconds. I know it sounds like a lot but it seems to help. Though last week at mom and dads we had none of that and he did fine.
  • Moby wrap. Though i've still yet to "wear" troy out in public (mostly because i don't want to unbundle him to walk outside, he's so warm in his carseat) this has been super useful around the house to free up my hands and keep troy happy. I'd highly recommend it. 
I'm sure I forgot a lot but this is what comes to mind :) If I think of more, I'll add it!

Friday, February 4, 2011

troy at 8 weeks

blizzard part 2

Not only did we get a snow day on Tuesday but we did on Wednesday too. There was a crazy amount of ice underneath the snow (see the picture of Mike to the left- what he's holding up in pure ice).

Troy and I spent the day baking, cooking and just doing a lot of snuggling on the couch. Since I didn't get the chance to make any Christmas cookies this year, I decorated some Valentine's Day cookies. After being back at work for almost two weeks, this mid-week break was welcomed by both of us!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's a blizzard baby!

Okay well not quite a blizzard but a winter storm. We're on day #2 of Amy and Troy stranded in the house. I think we're both loving it though :) I've been able to get a number of things done that I didn't manage to get done before I went back to work (all the carpets are shampooed... now I can be more okay with Troy hanging on the floor!) and Troy has been begging to be snuggled as much as he can get. The only thing that would make this blizzard better is if Mike had been snowed in with us!

Got my snow gear on, Mom!