Friday, June 24, 2011

3 parks in a day

Seriously, who goes to three parks in one day AND gets a bunch of work done from home?? This mom! Today, at least :)

Our first visit was to Meadowbrook Park for a playdate with a new friend for Troy and a mom I met back at water aerobics when I was pregnant. Here is Troy swinging away with Gavyn. It was Gavyn's first time in a baby swing today and he seemed to like it!

Then this afternoon, we watched Madelynn for a couple hours. Shortly after Mads arrived we visited the neighborhood park to get some fresh air in hopes that we'd get simultaneous naps out of Mads and Troy when we got back. (The plan worked!) I wore Troy in the Moby Wrap while I chased Madelynn around as she explored and watched the older boys from the neighborhood playing. They were actually really nice to the babies and kept bringing Madelynn their basketball and talking to them.

Troy in the Moby. chasing Madelynn. I think he enjoyed it.

pretty girl

a little playtime back at the house
 Then, for dinner tonight, Troy and I went to dinner with Su and Liam at the neighborhood Mexican restaurant, La Fiesta. We thought the boys looked pretty cute in their matching high chairs, watching our entire conversation. They both got to eat their dinners of pureed food at La Fiesta, too.

Apparently, we weren't the only ones that thought our boys looked adorable. Some guy came up to Su and showed her a picture on his phone he took of our two boys in their highchairs. Um, creepy. How do you even respond to that?! 

After dinner, we walked to the park behind the restaurant (good find, Su!) to keep chatting and let the boys swing. Once again, we weren't the only ones that thought our boys were fun.
Here's how it started with the two of them swinging away...

...then a few kids came to say hello.

And then the kids all began to push our boys in the swings and talk to them. The boys were enjoying the attention!
We love the park, what can I say! All in all, a great day!


  1. How fun! Thanks for watching her; it sounds like it was good. :)

  2. Great picture sequence! We had fun with you guys!