Thursday, June 9, 2011

6 months old...Troy's half birthday!

Happy half birthday to my sweet baby boy! I cannot believe at all that its been a half year since you came into the world and joined our family. Truly has changed our lives in an amazing way and I can't imagine life without you here, buddy :)

Now for the regular "month" updates that I enjoy posting. Its fun going back to see all the details of what he's done each month, as the 1 month and 2 month posts already seem like a distant memory!

Eating: Troy is doing great with eating still. He is loving the experience of solid foods. We've tried so many new fruits and vegetables this month. At first the green veggies like green beans and peas weren't a huge hit and he blew them back out at me, but now he eats them just fine. His favorites are the orange things like peaches, sweet potatoes and squash. I'm excited to try pure pumpkin soon along with carrots (next up in the queue). We're pretty much through most of the basics (they're listed on the right hand side of the blog right now) so then I can start picking up some different things and pureeing them up! We did have the throw-up incident after he ate oatmeal so we're going to wait awhile again before we try that one.

it bothers me that blogger won't display this picture right
He still nurses often; he has maybe cut back on his evening "snack" feeding a bit but his early evening and bedtime meal haven't been affected at all, nor has the rest of the day's nursing schedule. I just introduced the cup yesterday and he took to it no problem. A little water here and there is going to be helpful as we have more 100 degree days!
Sleeping: Troy usually takes his power nap for 2-3 hours at some point in the middle of the day, some days earlier or later than others. Other naps are kind of unpredictable in length, usually two others for somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour. He goes to bed a little after 8 and sleeps until 3:30-5, wakes up for a feeding and goes back to sleep until 6:30-7:30 in the morning.

Playing: Troy plays with, well, everything now. From the rings on my finger to anything and everything he can get in his mouth, its all a toy. We bought him a few more toys last week because he needed a little more variety in his collection :) Still loves the jumperoo, too!

Clothes: He hasn't stayed in 6-9 month clothes very long. Some still fit okay..but not really. I picked up a bunch of 12 month stuff this week. That should hold him for awhile. He's in size 3 diapers now too.

Likes: Fake coughing. Blowing raspberries. Giggling at the dog. Pool time! Sticking out his tongue still.

Dislikes: Getting strapped into the carseat. I attribute this to me not wanting to lug around his carseat anymore so I usually unstrap him and carry him in wherever we're going, then rebuckle him in when we're done. That probably does get to be old after awhile.

New things he's doing: Rolling (a little bit) more. Sitting up great. This fake coughing routine.

Cute things he's doing: Touching our faces a lot. Clinging on to me when I hold him on my hip. "Flirting" with people, whether its me or a total stranger, its awfully cute.

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