Saturday, June 18, 2011

Capital City!

We decided to take a little Cunningham family road trip to Springfield for the day today. With some rain predicted early, we figured it would clear up midday and by the time we arrived, it was nice and sunny out! First stop was the Springfield Zoo. We were a little wary of this small-time zoo but some of our favorite adventures have been to places off the beaten path (examples: Rockome Gardens, the "Amish amusement park", fake sea world AKA Theater of the Seas and a random bird sanctuary). We adjusted our zoo expectations to meet the $4.50 admission fee before going and were not disappointed!

Troy meets a goat

Our first family zoo trip! yay!

A visit with a bobcat
 Then we had some fun with the different animal statues.

Unfortunately there were TONS of cicadas throughout the zoo and they were flocking to Mike. He's been extra jumpy since we got home due to all of the bug-fluttering at the zoo.

this is what fear looks like
Then we went over to the Illinois State Museum. It was a free museum and once again, we were a little wary. Here in the Land of Lincoln, we were expecting Lincoln, Lincoln and more Lincoln. But it was actually really fun! Lots of good exhibits, including different fossils found in different areas of Illinois, animal skeletons from Illinois and a bunch of other things.

The bottom floor of the museum was a small-ish children's museum. Still lots to look at and we can't wait to bring Troy back when he's older. We did let him sit in the styrofoam peanut pit to get his weekly dose of stranger germs. (Ew.) But not as bad as the ball pit as Chuck E Cheese, right Mom?

What a great day! I love weekends where we're all home and don't have any plans :)

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