Sunday, June 5, 2011

company picnic

Mike's company had an all company picnic this weekend- what a good idea! They even had it right at the factory, with food, activities and tours of the warehouse and showroom (along with a tour scavenger hunt!) It was a great but HOT afternoon. Thanks to the Vanderlogts, we had a tent to hang out under, and drank lots of water. They raffled off tons of prizes, and even though we didn't win the "big one" (a stand alone basketball hoop) we did win a gift card to Red Lobster (one of Mike's night, here we come!)

Just another day that we're thankful Mike has a job with Gill, because they are such a great company to work for!

hanging out under the tent

this is Troy's "I'm having fun but kind of tired" face

Mike leading our tour and showing us the pole area

And the tour put Troy to sleep!

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  1. Mike is definitely in his element in the pole area...