Friday, June 10, 2011

pump it up!

Troy and I are spending a couple days in the city and we were invited to celebrate my cousin Emily's 7th birthday with all her 1st and 2nd grade friends at this amazing place called Pump It Up in the Chicago suburbs. Seriously, Champaign-Urbana friends, I may have to open one of these in C-U! They're a birthday party machine and we were thoroughly impressed with their balance of efficiency and an amazing time for all the kiddos! Basically its a couple of rooms with giant inflatables, topped off with the complete birthday party experience after an hour and a half or so of play time. We took tons of pictures, so a few highlights...

This 10 second clip is too funny not to post. My aunt and I raced each other through an obstacle course, which I won, but not without injuring myself by getting "slide burn" on my elbow. Yep, I'm officially old! And my mom is awesome... even at 27 years old, she still cheers me on the same way she did when I was a little kid :)

Now for some photos...

Troy and I with birthday girl Emily!

Getting out of the bounce house

Playing in the inflatable basketball court

Pretty much the softest place for him to pratice sitting!
Happy 7th birthday Emily! Hope you had fun celebrating...we sure did!

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