Sunday, June 26, 2011

a date with Alicia

My good friend and former co-worker from ACS, Alicia, was visiting C-U this past weekend! Alicia and I first met when we were working at ACS, then we found out we went to the same church and she later was one of the first three women that launched the first small group I led. Alicia and I have had this special friendship throughout the last few years and I am so, so grateful for her! The very same week Troy was born, Alicia was in the process of relocating back to her home city of St Louis...but lucky for us, she still has several ties to C-U so we get to see her from time to time :) And Troy and I will always be eager to tag along on Mike's trips to St Louis so we can visit her, too!

We had a delicious dinner at Escobar in downtown Champaign on Saturday night, and even though I didn't get any pictures at the restaurant, I can assure you it was delicious! I forgot how perfect all the dishes are there, all the care they put into making each dish burst with flavor...mmm! Troy was an excellent date, and when he decided to get fussy when our food showed up, a kind grandmother-ly woman behind us who had been talking to him since we got there offered to entertain him for a few minutes.

Then we came home, put Troy to bed and spent hours catching was a wonderful night!

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