Tuesday, August 30, 2011

our third anniversary

I love celebrating our anniversary. Its always fun to look back on our wedding day and the past year and look forward to our future ahead of us. My hubby (also known as the BHE, or Best Husband Ever!) had some beautiful flowers delivered to work today, which just made the day feel extra, extra special :)

Then, after work we continued our anniversary tradition, where we celebrated our first anniversary by going to the same place we had our first day (Miko's sushi restaurant), second anniversary at second date (Radio Maria) and now this year a McAllisters picnic at Lake of the Woods. This was the date that was the most "different" than the original- plus one baby, minus one bottle of wine, on the road out of the park around 6pm instead of closing it down after 9 when the park rangers started clearing it out. Still a great memory of the original date and a wonderful and fun memory recreating it tonight!

Mike, I love you so much! Its amazing to see you transform into a wonderful daddy this past year and I am so glad to be your wife of THREE years...wow!!!

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