Friday, September 30, 2011

could Troy BE any cuter?!

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?


I have lived in Champaign-Urbana during ten homecomings, four of which I was actually a U of I student. I've never been to a homecoming parade, ever. Until tonight. In fact, I don't think I've been to more than a handful of parades, period, in my entire life. I first thought about it around 4pm tonight and then at 5:30 I decided Troy and I would go (it started at 6pm). With Mike out of town, the rest of us Cunninghams have to find things to do!

I think this will be a new family tradition. How fabulous that I can participate in my school's homecoming festivities, and expose my child to them, with zero travel whatsoever! It was a fun way to spend an hour before Troy's bedtime and I can only imagine what he'll think of parades when he realizes every float that passes by is throwing sugar-y goodness his way. Even though about 90% of the cars and floats were pretty boring, the band made up for it. Troy enjoyed watching the lights on the firetrucks, and he was only briefly scared by the Marching Illini, and quickly warmed up to the huge band right in front of us.

This happened on the 5 minute drive to campus. Thankfully he was just recharging his batteries :)

A break in the action...where'd everyone go?

Loudness commences right in front of us. They weren't playing loudly as they approached and then right in front of us,  every person in the marching band chimed in.

His eyes were really wide when the band was going by.

upside down baby

my little big guy

Its crazy how grown up my little baby looks here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sick day

Poor Troy has been battling a cold since Saturday morning and today he needed a day at home to rest. He has a little cough and its so pathetic-sounding. Good news is that it seemed to get better as the day went on. Its only really a problem when he's crying so I just spent a lot of time snuggling him so he'd fall asleep easily without crying today. He hasn't had a fever at all, so as long as he's better tomorrow, back to the office for us.

classic sick Troy, see this post from several months ago and you'll recognize the sick baby :(

I had work to do here at home today and Troy's room is the safest room we can hang out in without the temptation of dog dishes, electronics or stairs. He emptied his bookcase for the first time.

 This was taken at the end of the day. You can see he looks a lot better after nap #3 than he did after nap #1 above.

Troy also got some good cruising practice today. Forgive the quality of the video below, I didn't have the right camera within arms reach.

Monday, September 26, 2011

my best friend's wedding (shower)

This weekend, wedding festivities for my friend Natalie kicked off with her shower! Nat and I have known each other for something crazy like 19 years :) I'm so excited to be a bridesmaid in her wedding this November, and we had a great time at her beautiful shower this Sunday.

Carrie, thank you so much for the photo montage you did for my baby shower last year. It inspired me to do one for Nat (below). 

family visit

We spent the weekend in Chicago and despite a little cold and a brand new tooth on Saturday morning, Troy did great on our road trip and we had fun staying with my mom and dad. Here's a few photos :)

Wheeee! I'm in Chicago for college football Saturday!

Thanks for digging out Uncle Andy's old toys, Grampa!

This is the best photo we got of Troy visiting with Uncle Danny and Aunt Sue.  He's a squirmy baby these days!

Hugs for Gramma

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

before and after

The great painting project of 2011 is finished at the Cunningham house! Check out these before and after photos. Mike, you did great! Thanks for the many hours you spent breathing in paint fumes for the sake of the project :)

dining room before
dining room after
kitchen before
kitchen after
living room before

living room after

new activity

Troy added a new activity into his routine today. He started peering out the back door to watch what's going on outside.

convertible car seat: take 2

This one looks like a keeper! We ended up with the Evenflo Triumph (thanks, everyone for all the great car seat suggestions!) This one was recommended to us by three different people and Troy has given his stamp of approval :) I know he doesn't look very happy here but he really did seem happy as he sung his way into work this morning on the drive!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9 month check up

Troy had his 9 month check up last Friday. He's "not wasting away" according to Dr Tripathy, he's growing quite steadily. He weighs 21 lbs 10 1/2oz (66%) and he is 28 1/4 in long (48%). His head is still on the smaller size at 44.4cm (why do they do that measurement in centimeters? doesn't make a whole lot of sense) At his six month check up he was in the 67% for weight and 42% for height, so he's right along the average curve.

Troy only received one shot this month, polio, which he handled very well. We also don't have to schedule any "extra" shot-only appointments between now and 12 months, so its nice to have a few less visits to Carle in the coming months.

Troy can eat pretty much anything now, as long as its a size/consistency he can handle (good to know since we're already kind of doing that...) We talked a little bit about offering solids first at his three meals and then nursing to start cutting down on his milk intake a little. She also reminded us that a 9 hour stretch at night is really pretty good (which we already knew) so not to worry if he's still getting up about 4:30 for a feeding these days. (Though last night he slept 7:30-6:15 straight...way to go Troy!)

Praying for a healthy three months as we go into cold and flu season so we don't have any extra visits to the doc between now and December!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

illini win!

I love going to Illini football games. I really, really love date nights with my husband. And I LOVE new experiences, especially ones that involve both football and my hubby. So when I was invited up to the Gill suite for the football game, I was VERY excited! Add a huge victory over Arizona State, the fact that it was a night game, lots of great food and a group of some pretty awesome people... we just had a wonderful night!

That's my dad and my bro, clear across the football field on the other side of the stadium, Mike knew exactly where.
After the game, as we walked away from the stadium, the band came out right alongside us. They marched right past our parking lot so we walked all the way back to the car alongside them. I definitely had a little spring in my step dancing along as they rocked out!

"daddy playground"

Troy thinks he can conquer the world by climbing over anything and everything in his path. He sometimes gets a little daring and ambitious...but one of his favorite places to play is at the "daddy playground", commonly found on our living room floor :)

neighborhood game night

Our friends/neighbors invited us over to their house on Thursday night for a rousing game of Settlers of Catan. I love this game. Unfortunately, due to the fact I only play a couple times a year, I'm not very good :( Thankfully, the game is still fun even if you're not winning, as is staying up past 10 pm! (Holly, our lovely hostess and game night winner, is proudly grinning behind me above.)

I'm so glad we have these game nights with these two couples! The days that we can just pack up Troy and his pack and play and put him down for bed in someone else's house are not going to be around forever I'm sure. And the days that I can take a 30 second drive to Jeff and Holly's aren't going to be around forever either, since they're planning to move. Until then, hope to have another game night with you soon, Pages and Melbys!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

finally a good photo of teeth!

Troy's first two teeth came in within three days of each other. Today I finally got a good photo of them when he was holding still in his carseat.

messy, messy

After a quick trip to the mall for a FREE Jason Gray concert by our radio station, WBGL, we returned home for some spaghetti before Troy turned in for the night. I already knew he needed a bath, but anything with sauce is a GUARANTEE I'll have to give him a bath, no matter what. You'll see why below...

a day in childcare

Wow, did Troy have a great day at childcare today! He took two great naps, barely cried at all and had a lot of fun playing with the other kids. I usually don't linger very long when I go down to feed him in the middle of the day, but today when he was done, I put him down and he crawled right over to his friend Eydie to play in the "kitchen" with her.

At the end of the day, he hadn't had snack yet so I took him up to my office for a little snack in the stroller. He loved getting the attention of many of the staff while he had his grapes and cheerios :)

things are coming together...

The great paint project of 2011's looking fantastic!

We had some fun while we mounted the TV last night, taking turns with the ridiculous bolts! They were nearly impossible to tighten so we took turns... (no pun intended...turns...)

Monday, September 12, 2011

convertible car seat: take 1

I picked this car seat out months ago. Graco MyRide 65. It had safety ratings just as good as the Britax, I liked the color and it had some handy dandy cup holders for Troy to have snacks and sippy cups. It even had pretty good Amazon reviews. I watched for sales. For months. Finally, this weekend, it was 40% off at Target...sweet! I got a rain check since they were out and picked it up a day later. Eager to try it out, Mike and I installed it last night (not easy, but not too awful either) and I said I'd just adjust the straps in the morning before work since I didn't know where Troy's shoulders would be.

Big mistake #1.

Big mistake #2 was uninstalling the old car seat before I was sure this one was going to work.

These two factors led to me breaking a sweat in the back seat of the car this morning before work, while Troy whined from his stroller in the middle of the garage. I finally put him in the thing when I get the straps in the right position and he hates it (okay, he was probably just angry that he was still at home a half hour after we left the house).

Then of course he falls asleep in it, his very first ride that I can't just snap him in and out of the car. So I have to wake him, which goes just as well as you would expect. Ah, Monday morning.

The car seat is going back because I can't deal with the strap situation every time he gets taller. I'm open to suggestions as to which one we should actually get now. Thanks facebookers for the suggestions you've already thrown my way :)

when I grow up...

Troy and I spent some time at the park after work today. We spent a good 20 minutes just sitting in this tower in the middle of the playground where Troy looked out over the sandbox and watched the kids running around and playing. You could tell he was just trying to think about how he would do that when he's a "big kid"!

He also went down his first slide today. It was a small one :)

And of course swung in the swings. Today he watched the ground beneath him pretty much the entire time.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

visiting the farm

One of the main draws for me in deciding to begin purchasing our meat locally was that, if the opportunity presented itself, we could actually go to the farm to see where our meat was being raised (among the many other reasons!) It seems like meat is the most controversial food item as far as the conditions in which its raised so its nice to know exactly where ours is coming from.

Well this is our first year as a Triple S farm customer, and tonight was their annual customer appreciation picnic! Mike and I decided to take Troy the hour south to go see "our" cows, pigs and chicken. We weren't sure what to expect as the invite said there would be hayrides, farm tours and "locavore treats". We had to look up the meaning of locavore, which basically means locally bought.

We parked by the cows. This photo looks exactly like the picture on the front page of their website.

I think the best part of the farm tour was touring the baby chick area They had over 500 week-old babies in this building running around. 

Then we met sone of their 500ish pound pigs...

 ...and learned the difference between egg laying chickens (below) and the chickens we eat.

After the tour, we went inside and waited for the dinner line to go down. There were not just "treats", there was a full-out catered meals that was absolutely fantastic. We stuffed ourselves. It was catered by a restaurant here in Urbana that I've never been to, Piato Cafe, which uses Triple S meat in their dishes. I would highly recommend their food! Mike and I ate lots of the pork sliders..Troy ate a lot of the potato/bacon salad.

While we waited for the line to go down, we played in the hay. We skipped the hayride since Troy is so little..maybe in another year or two :)

After dinner and live entertainment by a country mini-band (read: two musicians) we headed out. See you next year, Triple S Farm!