Monday, September 12, 2011

convertible car seat: take 1

I picked this car seat out months ago. Graco MyRide 65. It had safety ratings just as good as the Britax, I liked the color and it had some handy dandy cup holders for Troy to have snacks and sippy cups. It even had pretty good Amazon reviews. I watched for sales. For months. Finally, this weekend, it was 40% off at Target...sweet! I got a rain check since they were out and picked it up a day later. Eager to try it out, Mike and I installed it last night (not easy, but not too awful either) and I said I'd just adjust the straps in the morning before work since I didn't know where Troy's shoulders would be.

Big mistake #1.

Big mistake #2 was uninstalling the old car seat before I was sure this one was going to work.

These two factors led to me breaking a sweat in the back seat of the car this morning before work, while Troy whined from his stroller in the middle of the garage. I finally put him in the thing when I get the straps in the right position and he hates it (okay, he was probably just angry that he was still at home a half hour after we left the house).

Then of course he falls asleep in it, his very first ride that I can't just snap him in and out of the car. So I have to wake him, which goes just as well as you would expect. Ah, Monday morning.

The car seat is going back because I can't deal with the strap situation every time he gets taller. I'm open to suggestions as to which one we should actually get now. Thanks facebookers for the suggestions you've already thrown my way :)

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