Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sick day

Poor Troy has been battling a cold since Saturday morning and today he needed a day at home to rest. He has a little cough and its so pathetic-sounding. Good news is that it seemed to get better as the day went on. Its only really a problem when he's crying so I just spent a lot of time snuggling him so he'd fall asleep easily without crying today. He hasn't had a fever at all, so as long as he's better tomorrow, back to the office for us.

classic sick Troy, see this post from several months ago and you'll recognize the sick baby :(

I had work to do here at home today and Troy's room is the safest room we can hang out in without the temptation of dog dishes, electronics or stairs. He emptied his bookcase for the first time.

 This was taken at the end of the day. You can see he looks a lot better after nap #3 than he did after nap #1 above.

Troy also got some good cruising practice today. Forgive the quality of the video below, I didn't have the right camera within arms reach.

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