Saturday, September 10, 2011

visiting the farm

One of the main draws for me in deciding to begin purchasing our meat locally was that, if the opportunity presented itself, we could actually go to the farm to see where our meat was being raised (among the many other reasons!) It seems like meat is the most controversial food item as far as the conditions in which its raised so its nice to know exactly where ours is coming from.

Well this is our first year as a Triple S farm customer, and tonight was their annual customer appreciation picnic! Mike and I decided to take Troy the hour south to go see "our" cows, pigs and chicken. We weren't sure what to expect as the invite said there would be hayrides, farm tours and "locavore treats". We had to look up the meaning of locavore, which basically means locally bought.

We parked by the cows. This photo looks exactly like the picture on the front page of their website.

I think the best part of the farm tour was touring the baby chick area They had over 500 week-old babies in this building running around. 

Then we met sone of their 500ish pound pigs...

 ...and learned the difference between egg laying chickens (below) and the chickens we eat.

After the tour, we went inside and waited for the dinner line to go down. There were not just "treats", there was a full-out catered meals that was absolutely fantastic. We stuffed ourselves. It was catered by a restaurant here in Urbana that I've never been to, Piato Cafe, which uses Triple S meat in their dishes. I would highly recommend their food! Mike and I ate lots of the pork sliders..Troy ate a lot of the potato/bacon salad.

While we waited for the line to go down, we played in the hay. We skipped the hayride since Troy is so little..maybe in another year or two :)

After dinner and live entertainment by a country mini-band (read: two musicians) we headed out. See you next year, Triple S Farm!

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