Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

Despite total procrastination, I was able to score an awesome Carters tiger costume on the Friday before Halloween for Troy. And I'm confident he's the most adorable tiger to ever crawl through the streets (okay just one street) of Urbana. 

a tiger plays with a monkey (AKA Liam)


a visit from a Yo Gabba Gabba character (AKA neighbor Tessa!)

Troy assured us he'd take good care of the candy bowl while we answered the door :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Illini volleyball

Recently we've hung out with a family in our neighborhood who has a little guy just a little older than Troy. They're big volleyball fans (the wife actually coaches high school volleyball locally) so we thought it'd be fun to all go to an Illini game together this fall. Illinois has been VERY good this year, I think they were 20-1 going into this game today. Unfortunately the game was pretty brutal and Minnesota swiftly beat them. But the two little guys did great and we all had a good time. It was really fun to go to an Illini sporting event aside from football or basketball for a change!

Forgive the sideways video below, please :)

a day with gramma and grampa

Mike and I had an all-day event at Lake of the Woods with a group from church today and until a couple of days ago, it was looking like one of us was going to have to stay back with Troy. Fortunately, Gramma and Grampa said they'd come down for the day and we were both able to go after all! Here's a few snapshots from their day together. Thanks, Gramma and Grampa, for taking care of Troy all day!

He's definitely getting better and better at standing!

sacked out

This is what a baby looks like after 12 hours of sleep:

This is what a baby looks like after being woken from 12 hours of sleep:

ipad humor

We were all playing with the ipad last night and I thought we were all having a good time. Until I took this picture  and saw Troy had his pouty-face on. I think he was happier when he got to look at it and Daddy let him draw, as opposed to playing along with our games :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

the musical stylings of TMC

Dinner was taking too long tonight so I had to come up with something for Troy to do since I had already got him all prepped for the meal. I think he's quite talented at the pan/spoon instrument we came up with tonight :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Troy's first steps

We're counting tonight as troys first steps! He's still shaky but he was doing really great. We couldn't get it on camera very well because we were both busy catching and sending him to each other :) more pics and videos to come as he practices!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

yes please

Praying that a trip here becomes a reality in 2012 :)


Saturday, October 22, 2011

library visit

With Troy's recent love of rifling through (and reading) books, I thought we were due for a trip to the library. We haven't gone since before the summer, when Troy was not yet mobile..what a difference now! He crawled all over, played in the play area and then I led him over to the shelves where he did the same thing he does here at home- rifled through books with a big smile on his face!

Friday, October 21, 2011

the wonder that is pb&j

One of Mike's all time favorite meals is PB&J on white bread with a glass of milk. So it only made sense that Troy experience this Cunningham family staple early on. "Did he like it?" you ask. You can see what little is left of an entire sandwich in this picture below. The rest was in his belly :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

hat day

Well, I think about every day is going to be hat day for the next five months or so. Argh. But today was the first day I attempted to get a hat on Troy since it was in the 30s when we left for work. Brrr.

Thanks Auntie Daria for Troy's cool moose hat. He wears it well :)

And another random from today. Because I love when my kid wears fleece vests. (Mike is cringing right now.)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

new game: block hat

We have the most fun with the simplest games these days. Tonight's entertainment? Alternate putting this block on Troy's head and my head and say its a hat. He thought it was hilarious and when I stopped he kept picking it up and wanting to play with it more.

study subject

We were called about a month ago to participate in a study at the Language Acquisition Lab at U of I. As someone who made those calls about 7 years ago, I made sure it fit into our schedule and said yes. (Note: I wasn't calling parents of young children to come in for studies, I was calling in married couples who we were going to observe for conflict in their conversation. I'm glad we got called in for language acquisition as opposed to the studies I worked on!)

As we entered our building, I took a second to regroup since we were dealing with rain and put Troy down on this chair. He looked at me like, "Mom, I am so not ready to sit at a desk yet."

The study only lasted a few minutes and was broken into two parts. The research assistant told us that part 2 went as long as Troy would stay interested. The result was not very long, but she assured me that they were able to observe what they needed to.

Then came the best part. They opened up this file cabinet and let Troy pick out a book as a thank you. Every single night these days, Troy rifles through his bookcase here at home and picks out a few to look through, so this was something he was more than eager to do! In the end, we picked out this lovely Curious George book.

I love living in a university town! And not just that, but MY university town! I'm sure we'll have plenty of on-campus experiences in the years to come :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dinner at the Cunningham house 10.17.11

Typical video disclaimer: this video will only interest grandparents. Though if you do watch it, make sure to catch the grand finale as our dog closes out the video.

Friday, October 14, 2011


We have an adorable furry houseguest this weekend. Bear loves her. Troy loves her. And I like having a true "lap dog" around since my own 50 pound furball doesn't fit the bill of lap dog by any definition other than her own :)

meet Coco

Troy meets Coco face to snout

I don't think Bear was very happy about losing her "perch" to a visitor today, but she handled it well.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Well...I can't even come up with a title for this blog post because its probably going to be lots of random-ness. I don't really have anything special to blog about but I'll tell you some assorted thoughts.

  • Mike is coming home in about an hour. It was a quick trip but I missed him nonetheless. Mike, I always miss you when you're gone even if its barely more than a day. Love you!
  • I am really looking forward to a visit from our fam this Saturday. I don't know why I am anticipating it more than any other football Saturday since they've been down for several, but I just am. Mike and I don't plan to go to the game right now, but I think some of us are going to the basketball scrimmage earlier that afternoon for Troy's first bball experience and maybe some tailgating afterwards. And we're sure to go to Curtis Orchard to get some apples for Mom, too. It'll be fun times!
  • Troy is saying "Mama" like crazy and it just melts my heart every time he says it and looks at me or crawls after me. Video below.

  • We are co-leading a small group together at church on Thursday nights and its going amazing. It only lasts 9 weeks and we're already a month in. I love, love getting to know new people and hearing their stories. And I'm thankful for the awesome childcare staff we have at church that take care of Troy while we're in there and went well out of their way tonight to put him to bed in a close, quiet spot in the building so he wouldn't be fussy past bedtime. Church family rocks.
  • I don't get how a small baby can eat so much. I seriously think Troy eats as much as me at some meals.  Photo to the right of him just downing a banana.
Okay, that's enough randomness. Just a little update from the Cunningham house. Happy (almost) Friday, all!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

fall photo montage

Thanks for putting this together, Carrie! You rock!

Monday, October 10, 2011

curtis orchard photo shoot preview

Thank you, thank you Carrie for these fabulous photos we got tonight! I am having so so much fun looking through all of them and picking my favorites.  A few standouts are below to give you a sneak peak :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

a dog and a duck, take 2

We received some giant stuffed animals prior to Troy's birth as gifts, one from Granny (Mike's mom) and Beema  (my Gramma). We let Troy "play" with them several months ago and due to Granny's request, we pulled them out again to see if he was old enough to play with them yet :) I think he still has a little while before he really can do anything with them..

Not quite big enough to ride the duck yet!

not sure what this face is!
chewing on the handle of the duck. ah, teething.

practicing being gentle with the dog

10 months old

We're in double digits my friends! Troy is 10 months old today. Another exciting month in our house and the ever growing world of Troy Cunningham. The usual updates below...

Eating: Here's what a typical Troy "menu" looks like: early morning nurse around 4:30am, breakfast around 7am (some toast and fruit most days, eggs or whatever hot breakfast we're having once or twice a week), late morning nurse at 8:30am, lunch at 12pm (I usually pack chicken nuggets, grapes, a cheese stick and sometimes leftover veggies from the night before for lunch on daycare days), afternoon nurse at 1pm, snack after afternoon nap (nutrigrain bar, goldfish, cheerios, etc.), late afternoon milk around 4pm, dinner at 5:30pm (whatever we're eating) and nurse one last time before bed. 3 solid meals, 1 snack and 5 nursing sessions. This child eats a ton!

Sleeping: Troy wakes up between 6:30 and 7am most days, takes his morning nap from 9:30-11:30am roughly, takes an afternoon nap around 1:30-3:30 or 2-4pm and goes to bed between 7 and 7:30pm. He sleeps all the way through until somewhere around 4am where he wakes up to nurse and goes back to bed. Not bad at all, though I'd like for that early morning feeding to be the next one to go :) Naps at daycare have been better most days, but sometimes they're still brutal and he cries a bunch. There was only 1 this week that was like that so progress is being made.

Playing: Simply put, if he's not eating or sleeping he's playing. Somebody asked me this week what his favorite toy is and I think its the train that he got last month that plays sounds. He can push it and walk with it now. He also likes the chunky wooden shape puzzle we have. And blocks, he loves clapping blocks together. He plays with other kids well, though sometimes he uses his size to kind of lean into them, which they don't always enjoy. And when it comes to bigger kids, he tries to pull up on them and they don't really like that either :)

Clothes: Mostly 18 month shirts, 12 or 18 month pants (we run into the length issue all the time) and even though we didn't buy any shoes, I had his feet sized and he was a size 3 (though she said he could wear a 4 to have some room to grow into). Size 3 diapers fitting great still.

Likes: Swimming. Moving (anywhere, anyhow). Walks in the stroller, either outside or around stores. Figuring out how to get in trouble :)

Dislikes: Having his diaper changed. That's about all.

Favorite foods: Grapes. Chicken nuggets. String cheese. Italian foods (chicken parm, lasagna, pizza). Bananas.

New things he's doing: "Cruising" aka walking while holding onto the couch. Pushing walker toys, they've got lots of great ones at daycare plus its a big open room for him to practice in. Still trying to stand without holding on to things. Waving. Clapping his hands.

Words he's saying: We've heard him saying "mama" this month, usually when he's crawling towards me or wanting to nurse. He also says "baba" for a lot of different things and makes the "dada" noise but we haven't seen it used in context much.

Cute things he's doing: Smacking his lips when he's done nursing or eating. Trying to hold other babies' hands. Getting so excited to see us any time we pick him up from somewhere or walk into the room. This Thursday I was in a meeting at church holding Troy and Mike slipped in and Troy spotted him right away :)

go troy (trojans!)

Last night was one of the first Troy football games we were actually home to watch so we celebrated by all wearing our Troy gear and letting Troy stay up past his bedtime :) The Trojans didn't exactly play a stellar game (they're no 6-0 Fighting Illini...) but we still cheered them on. There's always the next game, Troy!