Wednesday, October 19, 2011

study subject

We were called about a month ago to participate in a study at the Language Acquisition Lab at U of I. As someone who made those calls about 7 years ago, I made sure it fit into our schedule and said yes. (Note: I wasn't calling parents of young children to come in for studies, I was calling in married couples who we were going to observe for conflict in their conversation. I'm glad we got called in for language acquisition as opposed to the studies I worked on!)

As we entered our building, I took a second to regroup since we were dealing with rain and put Troy down on this chair. He looked at me like, "Mom, I am so not ready to sit at a desk yet."

The study only lasted a few minutes and was broken into two parts. The research assistant told us that part 2 went as long as Troy would stay interested. The result was not very long, but she assured me that they were able to observe what they needed to.

Then came the best part. They opened up this file cabinet and let Troy pick out a book as a thank you. Every single night these days, Troy rifles through his bookcase here at home and picks out a few to look through, so this was something he was more than eager to do! In the end, we picked out this lovely Curious George book.

I love living in a university town! And not just that, but MY university town! I'm sure we'll have plenty of on-campus experiences in the years to come :)

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