Thursday, October 13, 2011


Well...I can't even come up with a title for this blog post because its probably going to be lots of random-ness. I don't really have anything special to blog about but I'll tell you some assorted thoughts.

  • Mike is coming home in about an hour. It was a quick trip but I missed him nonetheless. Mike, I always miss you when you're gone even if its barely more than a day. Love you!
  • I am really looking forward to a visit from our fam this Saturday. I don't know why I am anticipating it more than any other football Saturday since they've been down for several, but I just am. Mike and I don't plan to go to the game right now, but I think some of us are going to the basketball scrimmage earlier that afternoon for Troy's first bball experience and maybe some tailgating afterwards. And we're sure to go to Curtis Orchard to get some apples for Mom, too. It'll be fun times!
  • Troy is saying "Mama" like crazy and it just melts my heart every time he says it and looks at me or crawls after me. Video below.

  • We are co-leading a small group together at church on Thursday nights and its going amazing. It only lasts 9 weeks and we're already a month in. I love, love getting to know new people and hearing their stories. And I'm thankful for the awesome childcare staff we have at church that take care of Troy while we're in there and went well out of their way tonight to put him to bed in a close, quiet spot in the building so he wouldn't be fussy past bedtime. Church family rocks.
  • I don't get how a small baby can eat so much. I seriously think Troy eats as much as me at some meals.  Photo to the right of him just downing a banana.
Okay, that's enough randomness. Just a little update from the Cunningham house. Happy (almost) Friday, all!

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  1. WARNING!!! You spend a few months trying to get them to say something and then you spend YEARS trying to shut em up! hahaha