Tuesday, February 28, 2012

future team pacer

We've been talking about making Troy a track t-shirt for awhile now. Think about it, you can get a football, basketball or baseball shirt in any department store kids' section. But not so with track! And that's the sport that pays the bills around here at the Cunningham house :)

I figured that the perfect way to welcome Mike back from a looong (over a week) trip would be for Troy to proudly be sporting his new tee. (Emily, I need you to tell me how I could use a Silhouette machine to make tees and if you can use it to do this kind of stuff.)

I attempted to take some photos of him in it, but they turned out like this:

So here are a few of the front and back that are actually read-able:

Just another way to show Daddy we love him! Welcome home, Mike!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday smiles

Troy was in a great mood this afternoon/evening. Hey, I was too. He napped three hours this afternoon. What's not to be happy about with that kind of day!? I love when Troy is wonderfully well-rested. We end up with days like today when his battery is fully charged :)

Here's a short video of him playing earlier this afternoon:

Then later on we headed out for dinner in a restaurant. Where in town can you:
  • walk in and almost instantly have food on your table AND
  • order a meal for yourself that can also feed your child AND have leftovers for lunch tomorrow AND
  • feel like you're at a party without even ordering a drink yourself?
Dos Reales of course! Dos is a special restaurant for our family, even though it might just seem like a typical Mexican restaurant. It was one of the first places Mike and I went on a date (after we stopped having all our dates at snazzy downtown restaurants and started eating at "normal" places). The night Mike proposed to me, he picked up Dos takeout and it was keeping warm in the oven. We ate at Dos with the first wedding guests that arrived for our wedding two days prior to tying the knot.

And the very first restaurant we took Troy to was Dos! (Among many, many other memories we have there.) Last year, we jokingly held a chip up to this tiny sleeping baby. This year, the waiter put the chips down within his reach and he managed to grab a handful rather quickly. Have I mentioned how fast time flies!?

Here he is in a post-dinner food daze, happily playing with a bell pepper while I finished my meal peacefully. Ah, I love when things go smoothly.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

fingerpaint fun

I decided to open up the fingerpaint for some post-dinner messy fun. Troy really, really likes making a mess so this is right up his alley.

One of Troy's masterpieces below, with just a little help from me :)

The collection of random fingerpaintings from the night:

Friday, February 24, 2012

smoothie king

Troy thoroughly enjoys getting sips of my smoothie in the morning!

A visit from Gramma

We are very happy to have Gramma here for a couple days! Gramma has only been here a day and already Troy has had lots of fun...

Many trips down slides at FCC playground...its great having two adults, one at the top and bottom of the slide!

A couple of meals in restaurants...happy to be messy, of course!

And plenty of fun at the house too! Thanks for visiting, Gramma!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

fun at meijer

So I've been coming up dry with blog posts the last few days. Before I headed out the door to Meijer tonight, I decided to grab my camera. It doesn't hurt to document the normal, everyday stuff, right?

We have a good routine at Meijer, Troy and I. We start in the produce and work our way around the store. Before we hit the dairy section, we visit the fish. Troy also has books with fish in them and has been practicing the word. It sounds just like "ishhhh" or "shhhh" most of the time. Still sweet, he's trying :)

After we check out, barring any meltdowns, we go visit Sandy the horse. At Meijer, rides on the mechanical horse are free (score!) so we can always indulge in an extra two minutes for a ride. Troy likes to press Sandy's "start" button over and over during his rides :)

who needs toys

Troy was playing with Liam a few days ago and apparently none of the toys we own are as fun as a tortilla warmer, colander and metal bowl. At least they had fun!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

indoor playground

There's an awesome indoor playground in Champaign attached to First Christian Church that we've visited in the past. But we've yet to visit since Troy is running all over the place...until yesterday! It was pretty crowded when we were there, but Troy found some things to play on and amuse himself with for the better part of an hour.

Troy's such a good walker now that I can put him down to walk from place to place (playground to the car, for example) when the weather is cooperating...which is totally was yesterday! I thought he looked so sweet toddling out to the car yesterday as we left :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

a noisy afternoon

Things got a little loud in the Cunningham house one afternoon this past weekend...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We have had pretty much zero snow as far as I'm concerned this winter. I bought snowpants for Troy (for less than $10, woot!) back before Christmas and we haven't had any opportunities to play in the snow since. Today we had enough snow to play in, and since I figured it would be gone by the time we got home from work, we headed out right after breakfast!

valentine's day 2012

This post picks up post-flower delivery yesterday since pre-valentine's day continued in our house :) After I realized around 9pm that Mike's gift couldn't stay in my car overnight, I ended up giving him his as well. Typically, not a fan of surprises, Mike had no idea what I could be giving him...when I revealed it to him (by playing a note from the other room) I realized I'd made a good choice :)
After a recent mention of Mike wanting to play the guitar, I got pretty excited at the idea of my boys jamming together in the years to come. Now he just needs to learn how to play it!

Here are a few shots of random Valentine's cuteness of Troy. They were supposed to wear red to daycare today, combine that with a balloon he's been carrying around the house and we got the pics below.

We don't really have a special way that we celebrate Valentines Day from year to year, so this year I decided we'd have a nice quiet dinner at our house after Troy went to bed. I made cheese stuffed shells and for dessert, I brought in red velvet cheesecake. It was a delicious and perfect date night "in". Dates don't always have to involve leaving the house!

Monday, February 13, 2012

happy pre-valentine's day

My hubby blew me away today with what I called "crazy" when I first saw it. (I later learned he used the same word to describe to the florists what he wanted.) Always one to surprise me and keep me on my toes, this overwhelming display of love arrived at work today :) Mike, I love you so much! You sure know how to make a girl feel loved and appreciated and I'm so thankful for you! This is truly a one of a kind Valentine's day!

Now I have flowers for work, flowers for home, balloons for all to enjoy (especially Troy!) and, most special, several little love notes to add to my collection in my wallet :)


One of Troy's current words is "trucks". We see the (construction) trucks every day (at church) when we arrive at work from the parking lot, and then again inside when we take the long way through the commons to see them from the window on the way down to the daycare room. One of our pastors calls Troy the "little foreman" since he always seems to be passing out orders from his post :) Here are a few shots from today while we watched them building some stairs.

Javonda's bridal shower

My former office roomie from the American Cancer Society and now good friend, Javonda, is getting married in 2012! I'm so looking forward to her Illini-themed orange and blue wedding being held at Memorial Stadium this June, and this past weekend we got to kick off the festivities at her shower! It was a great time and I hope you had a great shower, Javonda!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

dinner with friends

With Mike off work for a three day weekend, we have a great chance to not only spend quality time with each other but with some friends, too! Troy got to take his first trip out to Fisher (read: the smaller town outside a small town outside of C-U) to enjoy dinner and playtime at our friends Fred and Sarah's house.

He thoroughly enjoyed playing in their kitchen (pots and pans are fun everywhere!) and watching their dog Ollie play with his toys. Ollie is getting ready for a toddler of his own to arrive from South Korea in 2013 (so exciting!!!), so it was good for him to have Troy running around while he did his thing :) Thanks, Fred and Sarah, for having us over!

playtime at the orpheum

After our first trip to the Orpheum (our children's museum in C-U), I knew we'd want to go back and play with some of our friends in the weeks and months to come! Liam and Su met up with us for a morning playdate to check the place out. We knew our boys would have fun playing there together!

Though the boys had fun, Su and I noticed quite a few non-child-proofed areas around the Orpheum this visit. And even though we were there less than 2 hours, both of our boys managed to hurt themselves a handful of times. And I do have to say, we were a bit spoiled by the Children's Discovery Museum in Bloomington-Normal last week, where I could pretty much let Troy run free and not worry about him hurting himself or getting into anything (except maybe the water table without appropriate gear!)

It was extremely helpful to visit the Orpheum with another adult, so I could send the boys down the tube slide they have. The way its set up, I have to help him climb up there and get down the slide, and someone else needs to catch him at the bottom. So this worked out great :)

Troy enjoyed sitting on the bottom of the slide just as much as sliding down!

Two busy toddlers :) I love Troy's expression here!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

positively giddy

T minus 5 months...

We have plane tickets to Hawaii for July! We got great (direct!) flights for $5 per person. Wow. Time to get even MORE excited than we already were! Vacation time for all involved, check. Grandparents on board to watch Troy, check. Airline tickets, check. Hotel is next...I am SOOOO excited!!!

14 month update

Who wants to guess when I'm going to let a month update slip by? Because it definitely almost happened this month. Thankfully I remembered mid-day that it was Troy's "month-day" today :) I snapped this photo when we were playing after his nap today. He is holding a toy hammer in this picture, goes perfectly with his whole blue jeans look!

Troy is doing great and we're having so much fun with him. He's doing great with food still and eats pretty much anything. Tonight I gave him some lettuce with a little bit of dressing on it and he happily ate it. Some of his fav foods are cheese quesadillas (preferably with guacamole), broccoli (can't believe that one!), any fruit whatsoever and chicken dishes. He weaned this past month, as I already blogged, and he no longer gets any bottles or milk before bed. He's totally a 3 meals/2 snacks kid now!

He's still napping twice a day, but I feel like we're headed into that transition in the coming weeks. There have been some days he skips the morning nap or makes it really, really short and he ends up just taking a longer afternoon nap. Yesterday he napped 20 minutes at daycare in the morning and 3 hours for me at home in the afternoon. He typically naps 9-10am, 1:30-3:30pm and 7pm-6:30am. We'll see how/if that changes in the coming month.

Its been a pretty uneventful month around here. Just enjoying being in our groove and striving for good quality time together. Troy is accustomed to walking now and enjoys playing by himself, with us and other kids/people, too. We're in the thick of busy season for Mike so his schedule is kind of erratic for now. Troy had a pretty good meltdown when Mike left for regular work the other day so I'm praying that he adjusts well to Mike's travel schedule in the weeks and months to come.

As always, thanks for reading and celebrating these monthly milestones with us!

Krannert show: Spirit of Uganda

I was excited to see a 15 minute free preview of this show on the calendar for 6pm tonight at Krannert Center. The perfect length of a show for a 1 year old (though he probably would have enjoyed it even a bit longer). They were great and I can only imagine how great their performance on the big stage will be tomorrow night! We'll have to make plans to catch that on a date night if they return in future years :)

But back to tonight. Troy was so, so good sitting on my lap, clapping and getting into the music. Here's a short video of their performance.

Afterwards, we met up with Su and Liam who were also there to check out the show. This was Liam's first trip to Krannert, too, so we thought we'd capture a photo of them. They were already all bundled up before we decided to do this and were less than thrilled to smile for the camera. A milestone worth remembering, nonetheless!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

birthday dinner

On top of a really wonderful day filled with gifts, surprises, hugs, cards, and tons of Facebook birthday wishes, my boys treated me to a delicious dinner at one of my fav places tonight, Nitaya Thai! I can't think of a better way to enjoy the evening of my birthday :)

Thanks to everyone who made me feel especially blessed today for my "7x4" as one of my co-workers kept referring to :)

Superbowl Sunday

Troy got this squishy new football just in time for the superbowl last week! He and Mike (and Bear) had fun playing "football" with it during the superbowl...though I think by next fall they'll be throwing the ball across the room at each other!

Monday, February 6, 2012

visit to the doc

Today we had Troy's 12 month check up (we know, just a tad late). We first had to cancel his 12 month appt when we had our fraud situation and our pediatrician fills up pretty well in advance. We had to wake Troy up from a nap to take him and he was less than thrilled through the whole experience :(

We did learn he is in the 74th percentile for both height and weight and is "a very well proportioned boy" according to Dr Tripathy. We talked about his milk intake, teething and explosive poops (sorry Troy, yes I just blogged about your poop). All is well and he's a healthy, normal toddler :) We're so thankful for that!!!

We were told to work on simple commands that don't involve us pointing to things and to watch out for him to start climbing (still hoping that doesn't happen for awhile). We'll go back for a couple more shots at a shot-only visit and don't have another checkup until June. Praying for more healthy months to come with no sick visits!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

pf cunninghams

It may not be PF Chang's but tonight was Asian cuisine night at our house. We had egg rolls and stir fry. Troy hasn't tried much in this food family yet but he loved tonight's meal! After he watched me use my chopstix for awhile, I let him try. He seemed to understand they were a utensil, but considering he hasn't mastered the use of a spoon yet, chopstix are way off in the distance.

sizing up the egg roll

hooray for stir fry!

good girl

Mike has been teaching Troy to say "good girl" while petting Bear. And a good girl she is! As she worked on a rawhide tonight, Troy sat down next to her to give her some affection and tell her she is a good girl :)

happy birthday braxton

This week, one of our little buddies (AKA our friends' son Braxton) was turning 5 and we were invited to his monster truck birthday party on Friday night. We delayed Troy's bedtime for awhile to go eat a delish meal, play with some balloons and eat cake :) Troy was the only "little kid" there and all the big kids were super great with him. And he of course adored all their attention, and just watching them run around. He ate a (toddler sized) ton of Jeff's smoked pork (mmm mmm!) and I let him have cake too. It was a party, after all!

Troy and the big boys waiting for a truck to be assembled

Kind of a blurry picture but such a sweet moment as Payton took a break from playing with the big kids to entertain Troy

trip with friends: Children's Discovery Museum

As a follow up to our last road trip, Michelle and I decided to take our kids over to Bloomington-Normal to visit the Children's Discovery Museum. I had heard wonderful things about this place and it did not disappoint! If this were in Champaign-Urbana we probably we have signed up for a membership today. Alas, its an hour down the road, and even though that's not very far, we won't be there all the time. It makes for a great quick day trip though! Cheers, Michelle, for another super-successful outing with our toddlers!

Troy loves playing with the train table at our library, too!


just picking out some fruit at the "store"

Troy and Madelynn, getting so big :)

a good shot of the "jam wall"

the air blowing machines were pretty cool too
We saved the water table for one of the last things. I knew Troy would want to keep going back if we had done it earlier, and considering it requires a shirt change, multiple water table trips weren't an option.

Friday, February 3, 2012


A roll of paper towels $1
1 pair of carter's pajamas: $10
The carpet shampoo machine: $200 or so

The kind of morning Mike and I had with three different toddler bodily functions in 10 minutes...priceless :)

Nobody said having a child would make our lives neat and clean, haha!