Friday, March 2, 2012

st louis trip: visit to city museum

Now an annual tradition, Troy and I hopped in the car to join Mike as he traveled to St Louis for the weekend! Last year we had a great time visiting with Alicia while Mike worked so we planned to come again this year. We even had the chance to get some playtime in as a family today once we got here!

We visited the City Museum in downtown St Louis. It looked like a really unique place on its website and it didn't disappoint! It's a super active museum and probably the perfect place to take a couple of energy-filled school age kids. There were lots of things Troy couldn't do, but PLENTY he could do. And we all had a blast "exploring". They actually don't even have maps they just have you pay and then send you out to "explore". I would imagine its the type of place you could easily lose your child due to all the multi-level climbing structures and slides, indoor and outdoor. Fortunately for us, our child spent most of his time in his stroller for today's visit :)

One view of the massive climbing structures that weave their way through the museum..none of which we tried!

Mike and Troy checking out the big kid play area with ramps, rope swings and much more

This museum also has an aquarium on one floor! And they have tons of "touch areas" all over. Today I pet a rabbit, a turtle, sharks, and more. There were also these crazy fish that would suck on your hand if you put it in the tank- Mike and I both tried that one. Troy loved all the "ish".

A cool tube you could climb in and have fish swim around you. Nemo is in this photo towards the top!

Giant sea turtle!

They also had a great area called "toddler town" that gave Troy tons of room to run around and play. They had a black and white striped tiger you could ride, too. Check out this video :)

And here he is at the end of a long day, ready for bed! I had to explain to him that the king sized bed wasn't his as we walked the two feet to the pack and play :)

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  1. I love the link to last year's trip. My, what a difference a year makes!