Tuesday, May 29, 2012

That's a framer!

This is one of my favorite photos from Troy's recent photo shoot :) Carrie, you rock!

first trip to sholem

We had this year's first trip to Sholem Pool tonight! Once again we're proud season pass holders and plan to get lots of use out of our passes! I quickly learned I need to be on my toes this year, as Troy is all over the place, up the kiddie slide, down the slide, out of the pool, in the pool, all in about two seconds time. He still absolutely adores the pool (hooray!) and I'm excited to work with him on things like blowing bubbles, kicking and jumping in this year. (No longer does he sit still and splash around like last year!)

Much to my dismay, he REALLY disliked the lazy river. In fact, we didn't even launch out into the river he was so against getting in the tube with me. Looks like I may not be spending much time in my favorite area of the pool this year, but that's perfectly okay. He loved everything else though... I'm happy as long as my little guy has a blast!

Both of these photos were taken in the kiddie pool, but we spent a lot of time in the big pool too. Just can't get any photos while we're doing that :) And local readers, I'm hoping to make Tuesday afternoons around 3:30/4pm one of our regular pool times...plan to join us soon!

slam dunk!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer photo session preview

We had Troy's photos taken by my friend and photographer Carrie this weekend out at Lake of the Woods. It was a red, white and blue themed photo shoot and the previews I just got are great! Here's a sneak peak :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Football love

Troy doesn't sleep with his lovey (a little blue bear) as much since we moved him to a toddler bed. Usually he just snuggles up with his blanket. But check out what he chose to snuggle with today. Yep, that's a hard plastic football!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

hula time

From the name of this post, you may be thinking that we're taking hula lessons in preparation for Hawaii or something. Nope, definitely not :)

Tonight was Family Fun Night at church. Read: bounce houses, games, hot dogs and ice cream. It went great! We had a fantastic time. Troy made a few runs for the bounce houses but had to settle for just watching instead. Maybe next year buddy! 

I was mostly focused on taking photos of attendees at the event but I snapped a couple of Troy while he was playing in the hula hoops. He LOVED these and they provided the bulk of his entertainment (if he wasn't eating, that is!) It was the perfect activity for all the little ones too young to bounce :)
"I may not hula, but I can wave this thing around!"
Where all the toddlers hang :)

Meal planning

After two separate conversations just this week about meal planning, and inspiration from this blog  on pinterest earlier, I just meal planned for the next two weeks, including grocery lists. This would be fantastic if I could get in this routine! All I did was create a new calendar in my google calendars and a new notes section for all my grocery lists on the iPad.

Naptime on my days off rocks.

Friday, May 25, 2012

early morning trip to the park

So lately Troy has been getting up early. I mean, really early. Today I heard his laugh and learn puppy singing "let's play" at 5:15am. Yowza. Watch him fall asleep at his highchair during lunch today. I digress.

Since we were up so early, I decided to take advantage of the park before it hits 90 degrees later on today. So we went to our favorite park, Meadowbrook, and had it nearly ALL to ourselves! This never happens. Its always super crowded, with some sassy grade school age girls running Troy over and sighing when he takes 3 minutes to correctly position himself at the top of the slide (okay, that only happened once but still). And in the last week or two, Troy has gotten much better at positioning himself at the top of the slide, making trips to to the park a little easier when I'm alone. (As its impossible to be both at the top and bottom of a slide.)

It was a great time. After playing at the park, I thought we'd go for a power walk/jog. We made it more than halfway through the trails and then it happened. Troy ran out of water. Meltdown. And there was nowhere for us to go. It also got really hot, really fast. Next time I'll bring an extra bottle of water. And we survived just fine :)

where are all the kids?
getting situated

Monday, May 21, 2012

big yellow dog

A gift from my baby shower, we've held onto this giant yellow dog from my Gramma (Troy's Beema) knowing he would love it someday. Sure enough, that day has come. He pulled this dog onto his bed after I left his room tonight, and read in the corner. Later he curled up at the foot of the bed while the stuffed dog took up 3/4 of his bed. It'll be interesting to see if he keeps it on his bed all night!

last day with Granny and Steve

More fun around the Cunningham house during Granny and Steve's last day in Urbana! Here's a few shots from Sunday and Monday morning before they headed out.

The guys made a Menards trip Sunday after church to tackle a few projects. Our faucet has been broken/loose for months, so I got an awesome new faucet in the kitchen now!
Yep. That's my hubby, installing things under the kitchen sink!
Finished product, woot! It has a built in dish soap dispenser! Yay for less clutter!
Troy enjoyed more pool time while the guys built some landscaping around my new herb tower. The whir of power tools in the background didn't bother Troy a bit :)

Finished product after the boys were done and Jeannie and I potted all my herbs. SO excited for this too!
We let Troy stay up a little past bedtime and we watched some of the Billboard Music Awards. He snuggled with Daddy while singing along to Usher (seriously).

This morning we said goodbye to Granny and Steve first thing in the morning. Troy was all smiles, full of hugs and kisses, all the way until they left. I love this affectionate little guy he is growing into!

We had been talking about taking this picture all weekend! You can't really tell all the details, but out of the four of us we have four different college football teams represented. So Troy is wearing Illini sweats, a (too-small) Troy shirt, an Auburn hat and holding an Alabama elephant!

Thanks so much for a fantastic weekend, Jeannie and Steve! Love you guys!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Outside Day

Somewhere after lunchtime, Mike declared today "Outside Day" at our house. After a full morning outside, and a few yard projects coming to fruition, we decided to make a whole day of it. Troy napped for three hours in the middle of the day, but the rest of us?? No naps for us :) Probably the hottest day of the year so far around 95 degrees, our Georgia visitors felt right at home with this kind of heat in May!

Here are some photos from round 1 in the pool. While I was off at an outreach event, Troy and Bear had a blast in the pool at home.

flying Bear!
After naptime, Troy was eager to get back outside. But he was pretty content to just watch what Daddy was doing and sit on Steve's lap for a bit. Not too often does our little guy sit still and look around!

 It wasn't too long before Troy had to get up and "help" Mike with his project.

 We took a short walk and went to visit Liam and check out his awesome new water table!

 ...and then it was time for more pool fun!

We even ate dinner outside! Pizza for all!

Steve and Jeannie built us this awesome "crooked pot plant" for me to plant all my herbs in. I can't wait to go to the farmer's market next weekend and fill it up with herbs!

Friday, May 18, 2012

field trip: Rockome Gardens

This morning, we headed down to Amish country to visit Rockome Gardens and have lunch. Mike and I visited Rockome Gardens about three years ago and remembered it to be a fun place to visit. Unfortunately, there were several (read: more than half) attractions not yet open for the year, and the petting zoo proved to be a disappointment with no goats and just a lone donkey. They had a beautiful playground, though, and a fun train to ride. I think Troy had a blast and didn't seem to mind that it wasn't the "full" experience :)

Mike and I remember this part of the garden from our last visit but I don't know if we took a photo in front of the heart then. It would be fun to find that photo now!
Jeannie and Steve take their turn in front of the heart :)
This was the view from the top of the playground tower. The guys found some comfy chairs while we played!
Riding on the see-saw with Granny
We found a very friendly kitty to play with!
I think this is where they hold weddings. So pretty.
The only animal you could pet at the petting zoo :(
We stopped at the Rockome Restaurant for an Amish buffet lunch after our time at the Gardens. It was delicious and we were stuffed when we left! Troy got to have a little dessert and promptly acted all "sugared" up. It took him awhile to wind down for a nap after we left!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Granny arrives!

Mike's mom (Troy's Granny) arrived with Steve for a visit tonight! Its been nearly a year since Troy first met Granny, and he has changed a LOT since the last time she was here! We're looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with Jeannie and Steve!

Sprinkler fun

We let Troy play in the sprinkler before dinner tonight. He had a blast running through the water!

Afterwards, we dried him off and he was being really, really sweet to Bear. He's been giving TONS of kisses lately (I, personally, am LOVING this new kiss and hug stage!) and Bear is no exception to receiving his affection :)

Bear still gets playdates of her own...

Every now and then, we let Bear still have a playdate with her buddy and next door neighbor, Jack. Troy's naptime is a great time for doggy playdates :)

Mother's Day 2012

On the way back from Madison, we stopped in Chicago to spend some time there for Mother's Day. Troy loved playing on their deck in the sun and we enjoyed a cookout lunch. It was a beautiful day!
yummy sangria drinks with our lunch
the only photo of me and my little guy on Mother's Day
toys on the deck!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Madison trip highlights

I'd love to blog in detail about this weekend but I'll just hit the highlights. Troy and I tagged along with Mike as he traveled to a track meet in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend. While we learned that traveling with a 17 month old is a bit more challenging than traveling with an 8 month old or even a 15 month old (last time we were in a hotel), we still had a great time together and enjoyed Madison! (edit: make sure you click on one of the pictures, it'll bring up a slideshow and you can see them all much larger!)
lunch at "cheeseburger in paradise" amidst lots of Jimmy Buffet music
The hotel room was amazing! I spent hours in the in-room jacuzzi Friday night. Happy Mother's Day to me!
The hotel we stayed at (Hilton Garden Inn Middleton) had a fantastic pool too. It was zero-depth entry- perfect for Troy! Many of the water features were not working when we were there, but there were balls to play with, slides to go down, and more.
Mike and Troy playing ball in the pool

Splashdown! Troy loved the splashdown at the bottom of the slide and learned to hold his breath for it :) My little fish!
The hotel staff gave Troy a bear that said "There's no place like Middleton" and another one later that said "I spent the night in Madison" (or something to that effect). How nice!

We were able to get some family time in between Mike's trips to the track, which included two visits to the nearby free zoo! We couldn't quite finish it all on Friday so we went back on Saturday. Hence the photos below are from two different days :)

A fun carousel ride!
Walking around the park outside of the zoo
Photo op in front of the lake with my boy :)
Playing with goats

they had an adorable little train! while Troy was having fun...
 Mike shared his "I'm on the train and going to throw up" face
We also visited the track meet one evening and Troy learned how to say TRACK loud and clear!

It was a fantastic Mother's Day trip! Thanks for having us tag along, Mike :)