Saturday, July 28, 2012

Troy's favorite thing

Well I think Troy's favorite part of our week happened today and unfortunately I don't have one picture of it! We were on our way to the store and we passed a block party. In Chicago, you can always count on the Chicago Fire Department to show up with a great big fire truck for the kids to climb on. Well I didn't have any qualms about crashing another block's party when I heard Troy yell "fire truck, fire truck!". We walked all around it and looked at the ladders and HUGE wheels. Then we went up in front and one of the firemen let Troy climb into the drivers seat and steer the wheel.
You never saw such a happy boy! It was a great photo op, but alas, I left my camera at home....
Oh well, Troy loved it and that's all that counts!

(Use your imagination to picture ecstatic toddler on real fire truck here)

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