Monday, August 13, 2012

breaking it in

Troy had the privilege of "breaking in" a brand new swingset tonight! Our friends Fred and Sarah are preparing for the arrival of their little guy Benjamin early next year, and this amazing new (custom made!) playset has been constructed in their backyard this summer. Thanks so much, Fred and Sarah, for having us over and opening up your playground to Troy tonight :)

Note: I let Troy bring his duplos along for our visit tonight and I quickly learned that when you let a toddler bring something from home, he will NOT part with it until we go back home. Troy carried these blocks all around their yard and house!
"I'm liking this swing!"

"This swing is even better when you have Daddy to lean up against :)"

Troy to Fred: "You may build swingsets, but I build with duplos!"


  1. I can tell that whoever built that swing REALLY did a good job....

  2. Fred built the whole thing Brian. It's really impressive!

  3. That second picture really shows the craftsmanship and load bearing qualities of this most amazing swing! Good job, Fred!

  4. LOL on the comments! So glad to share the custom made fun with friends!!