Saturday, August 18, 2012

day in Decatur

Today started out as a trip to the State Fair. But when we got in the car and the GPS reminded us it was nearly 2 hours away, we started to brainstorm alternatives :) We ended up spending the day in Decatur and had a great time at their zoo and kids museum. We even dined out with Troy for the first time in a long time and overall just had a really enjoyable day. Here's a few photos!

Troy loved chasing the goats, just like the last time we were here.
"Um, I don't really want to get off the train yet guys."
We loved the bubble room! Mike especially :)
Busy at work

He was convinced it was a helicopter, not an airplane.


  1. Nothing says "I'm a classy son of a gun" like a nice hat from the SEC!

  2. Better specify that SEC comment clearer Brian(War Eagle!!).
    I suspect some elephant waste will be coming from his Grannie soon.

  3. OMG!!!
    First an AU fan,
    then a tool box Engineer,
    and now a Pilot as well.
    What a future he has!!!