Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hawaii: randoms

I have way too many photos that captured moments from our trip that don't really fit into a category... so here they are.
Morning post-breakfast walk with coffee
Chilling on the rocks
love, love hanging poolside with my guy! you can see we're well rested and having fun!
yes, folks, Mike did get in the ocean
you don't have to talk me into a dip in the ocean!
snoozin' on the sand
writing our names in the sand. its kind of hard to read though.
you can only see feet but amazingly this is mike shooting out of a waterslide! he did it a few times on different days even :)
pretty sure I had a poster hanging on my dorm room wall that looked just like this! so beautiful :)

1 comment:

  1. Had to check out some of your pics after talking to you this am! You look like you had a blast! Definitely some amazing shots you got including that chocolate cake ;) but you definitely are going to have to add some to your photo wall!