Sunday, August 26, 2012


We know just a little bit about Montessori (learn what Wikipedia has to offer here). We still don't know if we'll choose a Montessori school for Troy when he gets older, but what we do know is we already have some Montessori ways in our home. About a month after we put Troy's mattress on the floor and realized what a great fit it was for him, we learned this is actually called a "montessori bed". (To us, its still the mattress on the floor system.)

Anyways, ever since we learned a little about Montessori we have commonly used this word in our home when Troy tends to do something we don't quite understand but shows us he's just figuring out the world around him. Things that represent him trying to make decisions on his own :) Last night was one of those nights when Troy did something clearly "montessori". I went to peek in on him after he fell asleep and this is how I found him...

Despite the many blankets, Troy chose to go get his shirts out of his drawer and cover up with them instead! Nothing to say about this other than "Montessori!"


  1. So crazy! Tonight I was just having a conversation with Nashara about Montessori school for Nathan or Nola someday! I love the free thinking!

    1. Did you know there are parenting seminars open to the public at the Montessori school in C-U? There are two this fall and Mike and I are going to go to the September one to learn some more. You should check it out!

  2. Parenting Seminars?? I will give you all the lessons you need. BYOB though. ( Bring Your Own Belt )