Saturday, September 29, 2012

illini vs penn state

Today we had Gramma and Grampa visiting town. We all headed down to the stadium for some pre-game football food and then we sent Grampa and Daddy into the game while we went off for some shopping and playing at the park :) We were able to catch the entire band marching into the stadium and after that, there was a drumline showdown between the two teams that was pretty incredible to watch! Unfortunately (once again) it wasn't a great game, but at least it was a perfect fall day for football and family!

watching the band
drumline face off

haircut fail

I'm (almost) always so proud of myself when hair cutting day rolls around in the Cunningham house. Mike gets a haircut. Troy gets a haircut. All by me. $0 spent. Its usually a great time all around.

Today, not so much.

Troy was up early today. And since today is haircut day, right after breakfast I said, "Troy, go sit down and get ready for haircut." And he actually did! Usually he's pretty wiggly, so I felt like he was going to be really, really good for today's cut. And he was.

Sadly I was not.

I quickly got the clippers ready and rushed over to the eagerly waiting 1 yr old. And as the first huge clump of hair fell to the ground I realized something was wrong. I put Mike's guard on the clippers instead of Troy's. For those of you that follow, I use a #5 on Troy... and a #1 on Mike.
Here we are a couple of swipes in. I had called Mike out of bed by this point and he started taking pictures.
He grabbed the clippers when we were done and smirked. This would be perfect if he'd done it himself somehow!
Its just hair. It'll grow back. And if that's the biggest "mistake" I made with my kid today, I think I'm doing alright. And, maybe just maybe, that's the only "bad" haircut he'll have as a kid. We just got it out of the way early :)

And hey, now we know the answer to the question, "What do you think a REALLY short cut would look like on Troy?!"

See your full head of hair around Thanksgiving, Troy!

Friday, September 28, 2012

goats, kittens and everything in between

I just love Fridays. Definitely my favorite day of the week. Today, just Troy and I headed out to the orchard to spend some time. Its in my one-on-one time with Troy that I truly get a glimpse of the person he already is. So often I see him amidst groups of kids, adults or both, but when I have a few hours just he and I, I get a whole different glimpse of him. I'm so thankful to be able to spend days like this with Troy... a continual reminder of how blessed I am to be his mama!
Still a little afraid of Curtis Orchard goats. Eventually he warmed up to them and fed a couple of them.
He loved watching the donuts being made.
Soon he realized it was much more fun to eat the donuts...not just watch them! He's also eating applesauce.
Of course we had to go play in the pumpkin patch now that its open!
Certainly the highlight of his day...playing with the kittens! He started out with this cute grey one...
And eventually he climbed up on this hay bale with not one but two kittens!  They were both purring SO loudly!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

a master's degree

I'm so proud today. I've just learned my guy has been working on his master's degree....what an accomplishment!

Yep, after almost two years of studies at the Infant Cognition Lab at U of I, Troy earned his Masters of Baby Science and graduated to the Toddler lab :) I think its awfully cute that they do these certificates. He was very good during today's "show" (study). 

On the way off campus, we saw the marching band practicing for this weekend's game on their practice field. Troy shouted "drums!!!" and I gladly pulled over so we could get out and watch for awhile.

Here we are at our private marching band show.
And here we are twenty minutes later when it was time to leave. Classic Troy sad face :(

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

family photos! hooray!

A couple weeks ago, my dear friend Alyssa came to town for the weekend. Not only were Mike and I excited to join her and her family at the Illini game that weekend, but Alyssa spent some time with all three of us one evening, too. The photos that she took came out absolutely amazing. (And if you had seen my son that night, you would NOT have expected anything like this to result from that shoot!) Thanks, Lys, for snapping away to catch those smiles that inevitably crept up, and for a fantastic weekend! Can't wait to see you again soon :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Breakfast Club

Now that Troy almost always eats at the dining room table, we're enjoying more meals together as a fam, even breakfast! I've typically been an eat-breakfast-before-anyone-else-wakes girl, but how can I pass up a morning date with this guy?!?

Monday, September 24, 2012

a(nother) beautiful fall day

counting woodchips
he'd rather push the tire swing than try to sit on it

Sunday, September 23, 2012

soccer game

Continuing the Fighting Illini fun this weekend, we headed over to the 12pm soccer game (and Family Fun Fest!) for some sunshine and lunch. Now we're not huge soccer fans, but we want to expose Troy to all kinds of different things, even sports we're not into :) Troy enjoyed eating another meal that included chips outside and badly wanted to jump into the bounce house with the big year buddy!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Illinois vs LA Tech

Tonight Troy made it to his second Illinois football game! (We made it to one last year with him, too.) Grampa came down for a visit and took Troy and I while Daddy worked in the suite :) As I kind of expected, sitting still for a football game that kicked off at bedtime wasn't going to be a long duration event for Troy. But I knew he'd enjoy the pre-game festivities and at least some of the game.

First up, tailgating for dinner. Troy thoroughly enjoyed the mass amounts of potato chips he was allowed to eat tonight :) We also had the marching band eating their dinner in our tent so even though they weren't playing (yet) they were interesting to watch with their outfits and shiny instruments.

 Then we had our very own touch-a-truck event with the firetruck parked in front of the stadium! He loved looking at his reflection in the wheel and checking out the whole truck.

Then we caught the drumline performing right before they went in the stadium. I only expected them to play a song or two but they played several! Each time one ended Troy looked at Grampa and said, "More, more!"

Finally after that we headed into the stadium, where Troy enjoyed more snacks and LOTS of exploring of the rows of empty seats around us. So thankful we had that space to move around!
Grampa is awesome....and has great snacks, too!
Love this. He would zone into the game every now and then (and then take off holding my hand to explore some more). He really liked "kickoff" whenever they kicked the ball. Then he thought everything was a kickoff. He's got some learning to do still!
Taking it all in after touchdown fireworks!
Unfortunately the game was a bit of a letdown even in the first quarter :/ Its not even over yet but we're losing by 35 as I type this. Argh. So even though we didn't stay the whole game (ha!) Troy got a nice taste of football tonight! Thanks Grampa, for coming and taking us to the game!
How appropriate that Troy covered up with his orange chief blanket tonight after the game!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

park fun

I think we'll be going to the park until the snow falls...we just won't be able to give it up!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kingdom Kids opens!

After many months of excitement, and recent weeks of visiting the "castle" from the top of the stairs before work, Troy finally got to play in the new kids space at church today! And needless to say, he absolutely loved it!

While I'm very excited for the new building, new classrooms, etc. I'm even more excited for the friendships he'll make down there and the wonderful things he'll learn about Jesus while sitting in those rooms. The slides and tunnels are just an added bonus :)
These were his fav. Anything he can knock over :)
Our friend Ethan had already checked everything out so he was glad to show Troy around :)
"Slide, Mama, slide!"

Thursday, September 13, 2012

goofing around

Troy has been sleeping in this week so he's been in a really good mood when he finally wakes up (or gets woken up!). This morning when he came downstairs breakfast was ready and waiting. He, on the other hand, wanted to make me laugh and goof around instead of eating. Running a few minutes behind was so worth it to indulge him in his comedy routine!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

meal planning update: september

Its been awhile since I posted an update on my meal planning endeavors. (Emily, I may have to "borrow" your pinned it, did it idea to have some regularity in my pinterest-related posts!) Nonetheless, we've had several delicious recipe finds that have made it into our regular rotation in recent weeks.

With the beginning of September, I decided to focus on making large batches of meals that I could freeze and work into the menu later this month or in October. So far, so good and its proving to be quite the money saver! I've made my famous taco chili, multiple lasagnas and broccoli mashed potatoes so far; chicken pot pie to be added to my freezer tomorrow.

Without further ado, here are some of my newest fav meals!

Avocado chicken salad

Chicken Roll Up Casserole

Cheesy Hamburger Casserole

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

blue skies, kites and sticks

With picture perfect blue skies and cool fall temperatures finally here, today was a perfect day to visit the park!
Love this slide! Haven't been down it in awhile since the metal gets so hot in the summer heat :)

Chasing kites in the field. Love this :)

Creating a stick and rock collection at the park. This was a prelude to the worm and dirt collection he made in the yard with Daddy when we got home.

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Today we joined our friends as they celebrated the first birthday of their special little guy Benjamin. While Benjamin hasn't come home yet (getting closer, though!), his family and friends gathered to celebrate his first birthday (today!) in his honor. Happy Birthday, Benjamin!
The cake was awesome! It was a "Hanbok" cake; Hanbok is traditional Korean wear for a child's first birthday (Sarah, correct me if I'm wrong!)
Troy loved hanging out on their deck and using colored pencils for the first time. He and Daddy made quite the masterpiece.

Clearly Troy enjoys party food :) And sippy cups with swirly straws!