Saturday, September 29, 2012

haircut fail

I'm (almost) always so proud of myself when hair cutting day rolls around in the Cunningham house. Mike gets a haircut. Troy gets a haircut. All by me. $0 spent. Its usually a great time all around.

Today, not so much.

Troy was up early today. And since today is haircut day, right after breakfast I said, "Troy, go sit down and get ready for haircut." And he actually did! Usually he's pretty wiggly, so I felt like he was going to be really, really good for today's cut. And he was.

Sadly I was not.

I quickly got the clippers ready and rushed over to the eagerly waiting 1 yr old. And as the first huge clump of hair fell to the ground I realized something was wrong. I put Mike's guard on the clippers instead of Troy's. For those of you that follow, I use a #5 on Troy... and a #1 on Mike.
Here we are a couple of swipes in. I had called Mike out of bed by this point and he started taking pictures.
He grabbed the clippers when we were done and smirked. This would be perfect if he'd done it himself somehow!
Its just hair. It'll grow back. And if that's the biggest "mistake" I made with my kid today, I think I'm doing alright. And, maybe just maybe, that's the only "bad" haircut he'll have as a kid. We just got it out of the way early :)

And hey, now we know the answer to the question, "What do you think a REALLY short cut would look like on Troy?!"

See your full head of hair around Thanksgiving, Troy!


  1. This is hillarious!! So glad you can laugh at yourself and take it all in good stride. It is just hair : )

  2. I warned Mike about the home haircut route. What's next? Home dentistry? Developing your own childhood immunizations????? HMMM??? Don't make me bring him home with me!!! LOL!