Wednesday, October 31, 2012

trick or treat

"Fireman Troy" was more than ready to put his costume on tonight for trick or treating! I have a feeling he's going to be talking about this for awhile :)

most adorable fireman there ever was

Troy and Liam got together for their trick or treating. They've changed so much since last year
a trick or treating groove... we had to hold Troy's candy in our coat pockets as he was dropping his bucket :) 
the "scary" house where trick or treating came to an end for us... Troy started to say "home!"

visit to the firehouse

hanging by the rig
So Troy is a fireman for Halloween...seemed like a perfect time to plan a trip to the fire house! Troy talks about fire trucks all the time and has seemed interested in them at other touch a truck events. But this night, he just wasn't quite feeling the idea of climbing into the truck.  Our friend, Firefighter Fred, was there to show off all the flashing lights and open up the truck for us, but alas, Troy just wanted to look around and go play "outside" (in the yard next to the firehouse). Thanks, Fred, for having us over and showing us the firehouse!

high five for Fred

nursing home visit: reverse trick or treat

Several moms got our adorable costumed kids together (thanks for organizing Holly!) for a visit to the nursing home this week! I took Troy there once before but he wasn't walking yet so I just carried him around. This time, he was able to pass out candy and say hello to the residents that live there all on his own. 

It amazes me how compassion and kindness is just born into children and they just simply know how to extend love to the people around them. Troy was so focused on visiting with certain people, and I just know God was speaking to him as to who really needed some extra love that day. I pray we continue to give Troy many opportunities to share God's love with the people around him as he grows!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

uncle giraffe

Troy's 6 1/2 foot Uncle Andy decided to dress up as a giraffe this Halloween. He brought his mask over to show Troy last night and Troy thought it was pretty awesome. At first he wasn't sure what to think and then.... attack the giraffe!

trip to the shedd

We were looking forward to making a trip to the Shedd Aquarium as part of our visit to Chicago this weekend, and we all had lots of fun! Troy thought everything was interesting (though he talked about "sharks" the most) and I thought the jellies exhibit was pretty amazing. Here's a few photos and videos from our visit.

checking out the jellies with Gramma
watching the show with Daddy
A windy day in the windy city. Gramma, Daddy and Troy in front of the skyline!

These jellies below were absolutely awesome. It looked like electricity was running through cool!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

mountains, mountains

Mike just got back from a week in Montana. I told him he needs to start sending us pictures more when he's on his travels. Since Troy and I talk about him often, it'll be something else to share when we're talking about different places. So here ya go, Mike's photos from the mountains of Montana.

well doesn't this look peaceful
beautiful fall colors

sleepy move

Yesterday my mom asked if Troy still fell asleep each day I bring him home from childcare right before nap. The answer? Yep.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"More dog food!"

One of Troy's "first chores" is to feed Bear. He can actually open the pantry door, get the dog food bin open and scoop food into her dish without assistance. This works out to Bear's advantage in pretty much all ways. While he's not the neatest dumper of dog food, Bear doesn't mind. He gives her bonus meals and extra scoops ALL the time. I figure she deserves it for being the champ of a dog that she is :) So here's to "more dog food!" for Bear :)

"This is okay, right Mommy?"
"Here, Bear!"

Reading Books

Troy (still!) has a love for books and it just keeps growing :) He still loves having books read to him, but he enjoys reading to himself too. He'll get on a kick where he'll "read" to himself four, five, or more books in a row. I love hearing his precious storytelling of his favorite books and he's in this awesome stage right now where he knows tons of words but doesn't speak in sentences. So I really wanted to capture a little glimpse of what he's like right now :)

Just to give some context: he starts reading an airplane book, then he looks for his Bible and gets sidetracked by the alphabet book, and wraps it up with The Very Busy Spider. Enjoy :)

Friday, October 19, 2012


...also known as the circus!

The circus is in town this weekend! And as of yesterday morning we had zero plans to have anything circus-related going on this weekend. However, then event calendar tipped me off to the pachyderm picnic- come out to Assembly Hall around 11, watch the elephants eat their lunch and bring some canned goods to bless the Eastern Illinois Foodbank. And the first 100 people to bring 5 cans got a free ticket voucher! I was expecting a crowd, but alas...
 There was hardly anyone there!

There was a scary looking clown that Troy did NOT at all like.

Elephants chowing down big time. Did you know they each eat something like 150 pounds of food a day?

Liam showed up for the fun, too!
We happily collected our tickets and made plans to return for tonight's show! We made sure to come early for the pre-show and backstage access.
checking out the camels' digs backstage

watching the hula hoop pre-show

time to sit in our seats.... let the show begin!
Troy did really great! We probably sat through half of the "official" show, and he was really happy the whole time :) See ya next time, circus!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

pumpkin picking

With Gramma visiting for some fall fun, we headed out to the Orchard (one of our favorite spots) to pick up a pumpkin to carve. He first picked up this bumpy one but we later picked another....

Troy insisted on pulling the wagon through the store...

And then out to the car...

We were off to Cracker Barrel to refuel with some great dinner...

Then home to carve a pumpkin!

He loved checking out the final product!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let it snow?

Just kidding, I am so NOT ready for snow yet :) Troy looks like HE is ready, trying on his new winter coat (thanks Gramma and Grampa!)

It will be here before we know it... but hopefully not TOO soon! I'm sure Troy's Granny from Georgia would prefer the snowfall to wait until after her November visit!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

nature's gymnastics

This is what we call free gymnastics classes in the Cunningham fam. Lesson #1: "balance beam at the park".

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fire Safety Prevention Week

It seems only fitting that with all the talk about fires, firetrucks and a certain 1 yr old's Halloween costume that it would be fire safety prevention week! We headed out to an event at the Champaign Library today (before college football Saturday began) that involved the local fire dept, police dept and bus system. Troy started chattering about all the different things he could see as soon as we pulled up.

After a brief walk onto the bus (he wasn't so sure about it), we visited the policeman and then headed towards the fire truck. While waiting for a turn to visit Tango the fire dog, it started to rain and within a few minutes they were closing up and clearing out :/ We'll have to mark this one on our calendars again for next year as it seemed like a really great event!

Getting a police "badge" from a friendly police man
Tango was such a good sport :)

date night with friends: radio maria

I'd been looking forward to this date night for weeks! Having only eaten there a few times (most recently being over two years ago), Radio Maria never, every disappoints when it comes to food that tastes just as amazing as it looks on the plate. We went with our friends Fred and Sarah who had never been there for dinner before and I think our entire group was pleased with our meal selections. What a fun evening!

For Mike: pink peppercorn ahi tuna

For me: a variety of tapas, my favorite of which were the pork empanadas...mmm!

I also indulged in a glass of sangria, delish!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

baking and football

Cheering on TROY football as they play tonight. Mike's watching the game on the iPad. Troy just had to take the best seat in the house!
Because I've read this article like three different times, I need to focus on working myself into more pictures. Granted this picture doesn't even show my face. But ya know, this is what we do. I do things like bake and Troy watches and "helps" when he can. And just like the author said, that's worth documenting, I think :)

He just got a new step stool so he was so happy he could watch the stand mixer  up close!