Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fire Safety Prevention Week

It seems only fitting that with all the talk about fires, firetrucks and a certain 1 yr old's Halloween costume that it would be fire safety prevention week! We headed out to an event at the Champaign Library today (before college football Saturday began) that involved the local fire dept, police dept and bus system. Troy started chattering about all the different things he could see as soon as we pulled up.

After a brief walk onto the bus (he wasn't so sure about it), we visited the policeman and then headed towards the fire truck. While waiting for a turn to visit Tango the fire dog, it started to rain and within a few minutes they were closing up and clearing out :/ We'll have to mark this one on our calendars again for next year as it seemed like a really great event!

Getting a police "badge" from a friendly police man
Tango was such a good sport :)

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