Monday, February 25, 2013

St. Louis: around the hotel

For this year's St Louis trip, Mike picked a new place to stay and it was a great choice! The Hilton at the airport proved convenient for him for the work he had to do and it provided everything Troy and I needed while he was away to entertain ourselves :) Added bonus was the restaurant right in the lobby so we didn't even have to leave to eat! While breakfast was by far the best meal there was, there was enough of a selection to get us through the rest of the time :) Thanks Mike, for always bringing us along for this trip!

After a full day at the museum, Troy wouldn't fall asleep for a late nap, but he welcomed some chill out time with the iPad in the "BIG bed".

The best part about visiting St Louis is getting to catch up with Alicia! We always have a great time when we get to see her :)

The windows near the elevator bay on our floor looked right out onto the main runway at the St Louis airport. We sat there for about a half hour on Saturday morning in our pj's, just watching plane after plane take off :) If it weren't for the secure lock at the top of our room's door, we would have had an escape artist on our hands who wanted to go watch the planes any time he heard one from our room :)

Another awesome part to the hotel was the indoor pool...hooray! We visited the pool twice, with Daddy the second time. Troy was a little fish, as usual :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Annual Tradition: City Museum

Once you do something two years in a row, its tradition, right?? After last year's fun at the City Museum in St Louis, we knew we would all enjoy it even more this year now that Troy is older and more into "exploring" (which is their word at the City Museum). Seriously, this place just blows me away with how awesomely fun it is. If someone was looking for one "must see" in St Louis, from my own limited experience, I would say that would have to make a stop at this place! Anyways, lots of photos and videos from this year's trip... enjoy!

Climbing through one of the many climbing structures. We barely climbed at all and we found lots  of fun spots!

Troy and Daddy checking out the sting rays at the aquarium
The awesome tube slide through a giant fish tank!
Daddy on the hamster wheel. Troy wouldn't try it until we passed by again later. 

Afterwards we headed for the hotel for a late lunch. Right in the middle of naptime, I thought he was going to tip over and fall asleep!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jump shot

After Mike stumbled across this video ("Unbelievable Little Kid Does a Trick Shot") he got right to work with Troy. Here's a video and a photo of their first "practice".

After a few minutes he got out the masking tape for a free throw line. No joke!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


We had a special visit with Gramma and Grampa this weekend and we had been talking about going back to Oishi to do their hibachi tables the next time they came down. It was so yummy it didn't matter we were just there a week prior! Troy thought the fire was cool from a distance but was NOT a fan when it happened a foot in front of his face. Thankfully after the hibachi chef promised no more fire he was able to relax and enjoy his lunch. Until next time, Oishi!

Valentines Day

Simple Valentine's Day around the Cunningham house this year. Troy had not one but two Valentine's parties earlier in the week and Mike and I had already gone out on our birthday/Valentine's date last weekend. We did start the day with some heart shaped cinnamon rolls; Troy thought I was saying "car shaped" and I think he was a little disappointed that we weren't eating cars :)

Later on after nap we were snuggling on the couch and he grabbed my hand. I thought it was so sweet that ten minutes later I had to take a picture.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Story time with Bear

Tonight Troy brought me his Richard Scarry book, a popular one we look at every evening and often, more than that throughout the day. As soon as he was getting comfy, Bear squeezed herself up and pushed her head under my arm. (Mike was on this couch too.) We all stayed that way for awhile. When Troy would get up to get another book, he'd get in Bear's face and say "be right back, Bear!" I don't even think she blinked :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little gym take 2

Thanks to one of my favorite local resources,, we had another opportunity to play at the Little Gym this afternoon. Troy remembered it from last month and was so excited on the way over there. He dove right in (literally) to the gym when we arrived.

He actually would hold onto the bars when the worker would help him up there this time. We called them "strong arms".

If we were there an hour or so, we spent more than thirty minutes doing the balance beam. Every time he jumped off, he'd say "try again!" So we tried again, and again, and again :) He was able to do it by himself by the time we were done!

Date night: Oishi and shopping

Our long-awaited date night was finally here! Not only were we out to celebrate my birthday/Valentine's Day, this was also the first weekend Mike had been home since the new year. Definitely a great weekend to have a sitter over and spend some time out together :)

We went to Oishi, a current favorite of ours, for dinner. Not too long ago they put in several hibachi tables and we hadn't dined hibachi-style at this place yet. It didn't disappoint! The food was really good (and reasonably priced!) and the chefs were entertaining. (We especially enjoyed the one that walked by with his hat on fire!)

Afterwards we visited the mall and other nearby stores. We had a fantastic night and I'm already looking forward to the next date night we enjoy :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

"Cover Bear"

Bear is such a great sport for all of Troy's "games".

Happy birthday to me!

My last birthday of my 20s has come and gone :) It was a wonderful day! My co-workers decorated my cube to kick my day off right and later we all went out to lunch at Buca di Beppo.

Hubby is taking me out for a dinner date to celebrate tomorrow night...the birthday celebration continues!

And as for Troy, he made a lovely card for me at daycare and kept busy with his blocks all evening :) I have much to be thankful for this birthday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spring Fever

Warmer temps today made perfect weather to get out in the yard and play for a little while. Troy is SO ready for it to be warmer out again. He so badly wanted to stay outside longer but 20 minutes or so was about enough today. He loved getting his car and truck out to play with, and hanging out in his "house" as he called his slide today. (He told me he was shutting the "door" and making me dinner.)

Troy wasn't the only one happy to play in the yard. We pulled a giant chunk of ice out of Troy's car and Bear thought it was the best toy ever (cheap entertainment down here in the "country", folks!) I think we'll all be happy to spend more time in the yard in the coming month as it warms up!

Troy the Builder

I got this adorable photo sent to me while I was working today. Troy loved his construction man outfit! He was still wearing it hours later when I went to pick him up. I guess they told him to take it off when they went down to the play area (slide, etc.) and as soon as they got back to the daycare room, he started gathering the items again :) Next year's Halloween costume, eh Troy?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Sunday

Today marked the end of a crazy month of travel for Mike (read: he's been away more than he's been home since the new year). How happy were all of us to mark the end of this month and look ahead to several weeks together at home before he has to leave again. It's definitely travel season! Unfortunately for Mike, he got stuck in more delays on his way home, so by the time he was finally here, we had a low key rest of the day :)

While chili simmered away in the crock pot, we made some chocolate chip cookies. Our little cookie monster definitely has his daddy's love for cookies!

Later on, it was Superbowl time! Troy brought me the remote earlier today and asked for "football" so I knew he was ready! Here he is with Daddy, watching commercials and munching on chili no doubt.

It wasn't long before he started picking up his various footballs, running around and throwing them to one of us (and even the dog, much to her dismay).

This pretty much sums up most of our evenings. Troy running by in a blur :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snow Day! And Lunar New Year

Today was a great day! I woke up to the sounds of snow plows this morning, and couldn't wait to show Troy what was outside when he finally woke up :) All through breakfast he said "play it! play snow!" and kept going to the door. And that was BEFORE he saw me get out the Cars snow boots he's never had to wear before (and honestly, I thought I'd be returning at the end of winter never having worn them!)

I just love seeing the joy he finds in the day. He was so, so happy to check out the snow and even happier to drive over to the grocery store and see all the plows working on the parking lots.

Later on, we had plans to go to the Lunar New Year celebration at the library. For many folks in our community, this is a big deal, so I knew the celebration would be fun (and I never could have predicted how many people came out to it!) But before it was "show time", we had to pay a visit to the train table.

We were excited to have Sarah join us at this celebration today, you can hear Troy looking for her in the video below :) He was very well behaved during the one hour program, and for this particular performance we stood up in an attempt to see the sitting drummers better. As usual, Troy loved the drums and in the following two groups of performers, he turned to me and loudly asked "more drums???"

What seems to be an even more noteworthy memory for him from this day though, was the lion dance. He told Daddy, Gramma and Grampa all about it today (and even gave an entertaining re-enactment to Mike). Sadly, he saw the lion costume laying on the ground as we were gathering our things to leave the library and he and one other girl looked troubled by the lifeless lion :/

We would definitely go again next year as it was both fun and interesting at the same time. And hopefully we'll have Benjamin and Sarah hanging out with us for the celebration, too!

Friday, February 1, 2013

a friday

Its been... a week. Troy has been throwing some pretty intense tantrums (which appear to be just for me, since he doesn't for Mike or anyone else). He's woken up grumpy after naps or in the morning and it was so bad one day I ran him over to convenient care to make sure he didn't have an ear infection or otherwise. Diagnosis? Normal toddler behavior.

So I was praying and hoping today would be a better day. Its Friday, which is Mommy and Troy Day. Things like the library. And the grocery store. And hanging around relaxing together. Thankfully it was a much better day than any day we've seen all week. Even down to waking up from nap. When he woke up, instead of launching into a tantrum, he asked to vacuum. Considering he was calm, and my floors hadn't been "sharked" yet today, it was a win for Mommy all around!

Chilling out after our trip to Aldi, watching some dinosaur train.

To top off a great day, we were invited to our neighbor's home for dinner and playtime (a "thank you" shout out to them!). Afterwards, they set up a movie on the big screen and I waited to see if Troy would settle in to watch it or do his normal, "This is on but I'm not really going to watch it" thing that he typically does. He was pretty into the previews, but not long into it, we headed home for bed :)