Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snow Day! And Lunar New Year

Today was a great day! I woke up to the sounds of snow plows this morning, and couldn't wait to show Troy what was outside when he finally woke up :) All through breakfast he said "play it! play snow!" and kept going to the door. And that was BEFORE he saw me get out the Cars snow boots he's never had to wear before (and honestly, I thought I'd be returning at the end of winter never having worn them!)

I just love seeing the joy he finds in the day. He was so, so happy to check out the snow and even happier to drive over to the grocery store and see all the plows working on the parking lots.

Later on, we had plans to go to the Lunar New Year celebration at the library. For many folks in our community, this is a big deal, so I knew the celebration would be fun (and I never could have predicted how many people came out to it!) But before it was "show time", we had to pay a visit to the train table.

We were excited to have Sarah join us at this celebration today, you can hear Troy looking for her in the video below :) He was very well behaved during the one hour program, and for this particular performance we stood up in an attempt to see the sitting drummers better. As usual, Troy loved the drums and in the following two groups of performers, he turned to me and loudly asked "more drums???"

What seems to be an even more noteworthy memory for him from this day though, was the lion dance. He told Daddy, Gramma and Grampa all about it today (and even gave an entertaining re-enactment to Mike). Sadly, he saw the lion costume laying on the ground as we were gathering our things to leave the library and he and one other girl looked troubled by the lifeless lion :/

We would definitely go again next year as it was both fun and interesting at the same time. And hopefully we'll have Benjamin and Sarah hanging out with us for the celebration, too!


  1. Thanks for letting me tag along!! Could sit and listen/watch the Korean drums for hours, as I think Troy could as well : )

    1. Yea he could, we've been finding YouTube videos of them over the last day :) Thanks for coming!