Monday, February 25, 2013

St. Louis: around the hotel

For this year's St Louis trip, Mike picked a new place to stay and it was a great choice! The Hilton at the airport proved convenient for him for the work he had to do and it provided everything Troy and I needed while he was away to entertain ourselves :) Added bonus was the restaurant right in the lobby so we didn't even have to leave to eat! While breakfast was by far the best meal there was, there was enough of a selection to get us through the rest of the time :) Thanks Mike, for always bringing us along for this trip!

After a full day at the museum, Troy wouldn't fall asleep for a late nap, but he welcomed some chill out time with the iPad in the "BIG bed".

The best part about visiting St Louis is getting to catch up with Alicia! We always have a great time when we get to see her :)

The windows near the elevator bay on our floor looked right out onto the main runway at the St Louis airport. We sat there for about a half hour on Saturday morning in our pj's, just watching plane after plane take off :) If it weren't for the secure lock at the top of our room's door, we would have had an escape artist on our hands who wanted to go watch the planes any time he heard one from our room :)

Another awesome part to the hotel was the indoor pool...hooray! We visited the pool twice, with Daddy the second time. Troy was a little fish, as usual :)

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  1. How did you get Mike so deep in that water???