Thursday, May 30, 2013

21 weeks (and belly pic!)

21 weeks pregnant and 86 degrees out... this is going to be one hot summer folks! I'm wearing my first ever pair of maternity shorts today. I can't stand shorts. I don't think I own more than one pair of nike shorts that I wear during a non-pregnant summer. But man, putting these on for the first time today...amazing! Seriously, why did I discriminate against shorts during my last pregnancy?! Going to be buying some more of these to get me through summer shortly :)

Yep, I'm round now. Baby is making her presence (visibly) known. And physically known. No denying it now, the aches/pains/stretches that come along with growing a person are here full force. Yesterday I was like, "man, WHAT is this feeling of just general heaviness weighing me down!? Oh right..." So thankful for all these changes my body makes to accomodate my growing little girl!

Not too much else new. Feet up right now, sipping on a cold glass of water, getting ready to play the "wake up baby" game while I rest :) Mike has been fantastic at giving me plenty of downtime on the evenings/weekends and I'm always thankful for any moment to rest I can get :) Thanks baby, for being the BHE!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

some updates (poop, potty, sleep and more)

I've been trying to figure out what to blog about this past week. Its not been the easiest week around here, but I certainly don't expect parenting to be an easy journey. So in an effort to keep it real, here's a bit about our last week.

Several months ago, I blogged Troy was "nearly potty trained". I realized when a friend recently referred to him as potty trained that perhaps I misled you all. We tried potty training. Turns out Troy was only potty trained if I was on top of him 24/7 on potty trips. He didn't know when he had to go. And as we settled into our new diaper-free routine, he had accident after accident after accident in his big boy underwear. So we've been using pull ups pretty much all the time. Up until last week Troy was about 50/50, starting to learn when he had to go and making it to the potty for nearly every poop. Score.

Then last week he got a little stopped up (sorry for blogging about your poop buddy). And things got ugly. He wanted to sit on the potty but wouldn't do anything. He was uncomfortable. It was bad. And NOTHING had changed with his diet or anything so we were clueless. A trip to convenient care and some rather unpleasant experiences back at home two nights and he was officially unclogged. Now we've tweaked his diet a little bit (nothing major) and he's back to normal, making many of his poops in the potty again. We're going to give potty training another run to finish it off this summer and see where it goes. So that's the potty.

Here's another unfortunate side effect from the week of constipation. During that time, we'd put Troy in bed and he would repeatedly say he had to go potty. Yep, you sure did need to go buddy, he just couldn't go for some reason! So he learned that I'd come get him out of his room and take him to potty if he said he needed to potty. Enter this week, where he's totally fine digestively, but still procrastinating bedtime by asking to go potty over and over and over. Sigh.

So we decided to push back his bedtime. Perhaps he just wasn't fully tired and was bored and not ready for bed, thus the procrastination. I looked back on the blog and he has had the same bedtime (7-7:30pm) since he was 10 months old so it makes sense that he needs a little less sleep now. So now bedtime is 8:30 and we've had two awesomely peaceful bedtimes with no getting up in a row. Thank you, Jesus. Sometimes one little shift can make a world of difference. I'm praying it continues!

And now on that note I'm ready for bed :) Goodnight!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Prairie Farm Opens!

This was a great Memorial Day weekend overall but we had some really crummy weather over the last several days! That meant no pool on "opening weekend", no splashing around in the backyard and lots of time indoors :/ Nonetheless, with nearly ALL our projects earmarked for this weekend complete, we managed to see some sunshine sneak out today and decided to head off to Prairie Farm for a nice little visit.

The first thing we did was the petting area. All the animals are so good :)

Then we checked out the rest of the animals. The highlight was this "radical rabbit" (yep that's actually the name of the breed) who initially looked like two rabbits lying on top of each other before we realized just how huge he was!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

20 weeks...halfway there!

Woot, 20 week update! (Well 20 weeks and a few days, sorry for being behind!) This past week was a big one for us since we found out baby Cunningham is a GIRL (just in case you missed that news). No name to share yet but we'll be sure to let you know when that discussion eventually comes to a close :)

Lots of other baby excitement this week, as I feel like I really popped out this week. Mike commented that I'm starting to look pregnant now, and I've had two strangers ask me if I'm expecting/when I'm due at this point too. That's kind of an exciting milestone, getting past the "I've had too many donuts" look and starting to show a bump off. Plus now I have an even more tempting reason to rub my belly as it begins to pop out even more! Hoping to have some kicks strong enough to feel from the outside of my belly soon as I know Troy is going to love that. He talks to her at least once a day and still prays for her almost every night. I need to record it one night, if nothing else just for myself. In that moment I am reminded that any questions I may have about his transition to big brotherhood will be totally fine in the end and he'll do great.

This week was another "I want a burger or a steak NOW" kind of week as far as cravings go. No real aversions or anything to note. A few more noteworthy pregnancy effects include round ligament pain, especially off to one side for some reason (asked the midwife and got the typical "totally normal" response). Also some back soreness ramping up so I may be heading to the chiro more often than my normal every two weeks soon. Nothing terrible by any stretch, I'm feeling pretty great overall!

I'll leave you with a snapshot of some of what's now in our house. After baby girl received her first gifts and we spent some time at a few garage sales and stores this weekend, her wardrobe is already starting to grow!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The big announcement! Its a...


By the time we went to this appointment on Monday, we were both thinking girl... so while I wasn't totally surprised, it was beyond amazing to get that confirmation and just revel in how amazing she already is! Seriously, a GIRL! I think its still settling in a little bit :) Talk to me in about four months when I have a closet full of pink dresses and bows and I think it'll have settled in by that point!

Not only is she an amazing little girl, but she's growing perfectly healthy! Thank you, Jesus! We saw her little fingers and toes, watched her move around, saw her heart beating. All so perfectly amazing. I think that's my word for her. Amazing :) HER! See, its still sinking in! AHHH! I was 19 weeks 4 days at the sono and she's measuring about 20 weeks 3 days (is what they say, at least). That is by no means an indication of when she'll make her appearance, just that she's growing big and strong, just as she should be right now. Grow, baby, grow! Her heartbeat was 145 bpm this checkup, I think that's about where its been before.

We saw Vanessa, one of my fav midwives so far (though its hard to choose favorites, they've all been great!) and she said I'm doing awesome so far this pregnancy. I've gained seven pounds total so far and she said that's really great. Every pregnancy is different, no doubt, as this pregnancy is so much different from the last!

Afterwards we went to pick up Troy and take him out to lunch with us. In tradition, if it were a boy Mike would pick where we went for lunch and I would pick if it was a girl. We headed out to Nitaya Thai, my favorite Thai restaurant since we were celebrating our healthy little GIRL! (There it is again...haha.)

Here's some of baby girl's pics. Enjoy :)

a profile shot; her hand is up by her face
Yep. She's a girl. The tech figured that out pretty quickly!

Face shot. Those always look a little crazy I think!
Here's proud big bro Troy's photo that I posted up on Facebook :) 

Best Birthday Party. Ever.

This past weekend we had the pleasure of celebrating the birthday of not one but two very special little people! This was the most well organized and well planned kids birthday party we've ever been to (seriously, Em, when are you start your party planning business?!?) and Troy had a blast. Visit her blog as I'm sure she'll be posting party details soon!

He was so excited to see live animals as soon as we walked in. And is still talking about it! In fact, when he saw me writing this blog post, he asked to see a picture of the baby pig, his favorite. I think he just expects that I take pictures of everything :)

loving on the mini horse
bunnies, pigs and ducks all hanging out together in the same area. so cute.
His favorite part of this party was getting a cowboy hat and riding around on the "horse" for the games. After games were over and we'd moved on to free play, we saw Troy back by the hay bale again, riding away. Thanks Emily and fam, for a beyond fantastic time, and more importantly, happy birthday to Owen and Ellie! May this next year be an incredible year for all of you!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Double Date: Possum Trot

It doesn't sound like much with the name "Possum Trot" but this gem tucked away in Oakwood didn't disappoint! We had visited once before with our friends Fred and Sarah and when they suggested it again we were glad to return. Especially since they built a new outdoor seating area that was the perfect place to enjoy dinner! I even sipped on a virgin daiquiri, which made it feel more like summer than it already does :) Thanks, Fred and Sarah, for a wonderful evening and anyone else, we definitely recommend the Possum Trot for a delicious meal that won't let you down :)

Cunningham Get-Stuff-Done Weekend

Every so often one of these weekends will pop up and the bug just hits us to get a bunch of stuff done. Enter in this three day weekend. We started with a trip to the local nursery to get some plants for a patch along our house that needed a little something. Add in some other assorted things outside and we had all kinds of outdoor chores knocked out. The start of nesting? Perhaps! Mike gets all the credit for our outdoor upgrades and the extent of my "work" was freshening up the herb garden with a few new plants.

While we were outside (and as a precursor to the dog getting a bath) we set up the kiddie pool for Troy to play in. This kid is SO ready for the pool this summer. Tonight before bed he asked me if we could go to the pool tomorrow. One more week buddy, one more week. And please, please let it be warm enough next week when it opens!

First time on big kid swing

Troy got his first (at least to the best of my knowledge) ride on a big kid swing at the park this weekend. I thought we'd give it a whirl and he loved it. He was a little disappointed that I wouldn't let him go as high as I do on the baby swing but as you can see, he still had a great time. :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

19 weeks

This week's update can be described as...

"Is it Monday yet?"

"Is it Monday yet?!"

"Is it Monday YET?!"

T minus four days until we get our first glimpse of this new little person who will be joining our family :)

That is all.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Touch a Truck

Without question, I knew this event would be a smashing hit with Troy so I made plans to take him over there for the last hour or so of the event. It was HOT! This mama is going to be drinking lots of water this summer :) He must have sat in at least a dozen different trucks today, only one of which he asked to visit twice... the excavator! He loves excavators. We'll often hear him wandering around the living room asking "where my excavator go? i like my excavator!" So he was pretty jazzed to check one out up close. He also had his first body paint experience, bounced around a bounce house (not wanting to get out!) and devoured a cup of ice cream. Thanks Champaign Park District, what a fun time!
first excavator visit
driving some vehicle, proudly wearing his hard hat they gave him
ice cream break!
baseball body paint
cheap toddler entertainment, running up and down the tow truck bed
excavator visit #2. this time there was no line so he took his time checking it out :) 

Before we left, we had to walk up to the fence to check out the pool, conveniently operating all the different water features :) No doubt, many kids (and parents!) walked away eager to return next week when the pool opens for the season! I know we did!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"I stuck!"

Mr Independent insists on attempting to dress himself before asking for help. Sometimes, more often than not, this is where he lands about the time he asks for help. He does seem to get shorts on alright most of the time, so it's a good thing we're heading into short season!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

With Mike gone for the weekend, Troy and I had a day on our own for Mother's Day. He may not have received the memo that it was Mother's Day, as he decided to wake up around 5:45am :) And so the day began!

The kids were leading worship at church this weekend, and for the first time, Troy joined them on stage! I ran up there to get some pictures of him and unfortunately these were the best I got. There really wasn't much to capture on photo or video though, as Troy was completely focused on the drum set on stage most of the time, his buddy Ms Laura the rest of the time. Of course when I picked him up from church he said, "I sang Mommy! I danced! I clapped!" I just smiled and said yes you did buddy. He just left out the part about "I stared down the drummer, Mommy!"

Proof of his first stage experience, check him out in the turquoise shirt below. I was so proud of him for behaving well on stage and smiling beside his buddies :)

Later on, after church (and a nap for a very tired two year old!) we went out for a late-ish lunch with Laura and her fam. Troy dominated the chips and salsa at our nearby Mexican restaurant :)
a photo of the moms
a photo of the kids
After eating, Troy and I headed out to Monticello Railway Museum to take advantage of their Mother's Day special. I've wanted to take Troy to check out the trains at this museum for a long time, and hoped to even take him on a ride. Yesterday was my opportunity! He was talking about his ride on "biiiiiig train" a lot today. I'm glad he had fun :)
Checking out the train before boarding
Showing me his train ticket while we waited for the conductor to come punch it
His face when the train actually started moving was beyond priceless :) 
Checking out one of the stationary trains after our ride was over

Pre Mother's Day

Gramma and Grampa came down for a visit on a nice sunny day the day before Mother's Day. We made the first farmer's market trip of the year and let Troy pick out a special dog treat for Bear. We had to remind him a few times it was for Bear and not for him, since it looked like any other frosted cookie.

Here's a photo of the three of them after lunch. We timed things right and skillfully dodged the crowds of visitors to C-U for graduation weekend :)

Later on, Troy got a special trip to the park with just Gramma and Grampa, while I stayed home and relaxed :) Here's a few shots from their time at our favorite play spot. Thanks for a wonderful day, Gramma and Grampa!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nature Tales and Trails

Our friends tipped us off to this fun little event at the nature center, and since we'd never been to the nature center and enjoy hanging with our pals, we happily signed up! What we didn't realize is we would be the only two families participating! We first started out inside the nature center to read a story about listening for things and then we went on a nature walk through the woods and listened for noises in nature. That is, once we got past the noises of pool construction and trucks on the nearby road :)

Here they are, looking out off the bridge.

At one point we came to a fork in the road and the boys were ready to veer off on their own leaving the rest of us behind.

Getting an up close look at some plants and muddy water.

After the nature walk we went inside to check out the turtles, owls and snakes.

There were pretty excited to see one of the snakes out of his cage and being held by someone. Troy liked getting to touch it a few times. I'm sure he was friendly, but he was a definitely a big long guy!

Free Night at the Orpheum

Its so disappointing when it rains these days :/ (which is OFTEN!) Troy wakes up from his nap and asks to go outside, only to look out and see everything covered in raindrops. When this was the case the other night, I decided to see if there was something fun we could do in the evening aside from just play at our house.

Sure enough, there was! The Orpheum, our local children's museum, was having a free night and special later hours. I'm not normally a fan of this place (I can't bring myself to pay the same admission here that I do for the kids museum in Normal, which has TONS more to offer!) but I'll gladly visit for free!

The train table was one of the most alluring spots for Troy.

He also enjoyed playing with the sand for a little while. Maybe I'll actually let him play in the sandbox this summer :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

18 week update

Whee, 18 weeks! Closer and closer to halfway... I'm very thankful for an uneventful pregnancy so far and for the fun stuff the 2nd trimester brings (see the post from earlier this week on things I love).

No real updates so I'll leave you with side by side photos from this pregnancy and the last. I've received more than a lot of comments about how much smaller I am this pregnancy and all i can say is I feel good, am keeping up with Troy and its certainly a blessing as we head into the crazy summer heat. Have a great week!

Taken today, 18 weeks with baby #2
18 weeks with Troy in 2010

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Making the Coffee

We really don't know where Troy got hooked on the idea of making coffee, but he "makes coffee" for us at least once every single day. He gets out a couple cups, pretends to pour something back and forth and serves it up. Don't worry, if you're a guest in our home, you'll also be offered a special Troy coffee :) The only time we make coffee is when Gramma is in town and there's the occasional trip through Starbucks drive through in the morning, so this is a Troy idea all the way.

Today we were uber-early for work (how did that happen?!) so we went to Starbucks and headed inside to pick something out. We sat at the tall counter and watched the well oiled machine that is the Starbucks team during the morning rush :) Troy was full of questions and totally in awe. Now he can refine his technique the next time he makes us coffee!