Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend in St Louis

Likely our last "adventure" this summer, we spent a few fun-filled days in St. Louis this past weekend. Man, I love St. Louis. There's so much to do there and I just love what it has to offer... and so many things for free, too! Mike had a bit of work to do this weekend, but thankfully we got to spend some time with him outside of work... much better than kissing him goodbye for the whole weekend!

Troy has done enough road-tripping this summer that this was nothing to him. He was great on the rides there and back.

Despite sweltering temperature (hello, upper 90s) we had a little bit of time when we arrived down there to do something fun, so we thought we'd make a quick visit to the (free!) zoo. We saw exactly three large animal exhibits before heading out - hippos, elephants and the interactive sting ray/shark area! The hippo exhibit was pretty cool, I don't think I'd ever seen hippos this close before!

The elephants recently had a new baby join the family. She was super cute and while you can't call her "tiny" (or even really see her in my pic below) she was able to stand right under her parents!

Mike and I visited this zoo once before and I remembered how cool this exhibit was and really wanted to do it again. Not much footage to document this one since I spent the majority of our time 1) petting sting rays and sharks and 2) ensuring my child didn't fall into the sting ray/shark pool!

We headed to the hotel to check and we went to cool off in the pool. Another animal sighting... this time there was a friendly bunny right outside the pool area! Not a hippo or a sting ray but still very cool :) 

My favorite reason to visit St Louis is because I get to see my great friend Alicia! We had a great time enjoying dinner at the hotel and catching up in the room while Troy snoozed, or pretended to snooze :)

The next day Troy and I met up with Alicia for some more quality time. Per her suggestion, we headed to the St Louis Science Center, an awesomely FREE attraction :) We didn't know what Troy would really be into there since it's geared for older kids, but being the great little guy he is, there was plenty to interest him. We started by the spaceships and building machines, but Alicia had tipped him off that there was a dinosaur there, and after a few minutes at each station, he would look up and ask for the dinosaur. So we marched onward!

A very cool three (or more) story ball machine. But not a dinosaur...

At long last we reached the dinosaur! Troy sized him up from a distance at first and then cautiously approached. Once he warmed up, we couldn't get him to leave! And that was perfectly fine by us, since he was so content and we were able to sit down and relax!

Here he is digging for fossils in the dinosaur exhibit. Hours of entertainment, seriously. 

We took a short dinosaur break to grab some lunch in the cafe and I thought, hey, let's get a photo of me and Troy in front of the dinosaur. Something about me lifting him up or him taking his eyes off the dinosaurs made him completely scared. I felt so bad! But it was also kind of funny. He had been playing there for well over an hour already so I didn't anticipate any problems. We had a short talk about the dinosaur being pretend and he was totally fine again.

Much happier photo after lunch without Mommy holding him :)

The next morning as we checked out, Troy eagerly rolled Daddy's travel bag through the lobby and out to the car. He is such a great helper and wants to be just like his Daddy :)

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