Sunday, October 13, 2013

40 + 2

Waiting continues around here... while we're attempting to keep busy, its growing more difficult when you pretty much had your entire schedule cleared to be snuggling with a newborn by now :/ I know its very common for people to go a week or more past their due date but that doesn't make waiting any easier.

Quick prayer request before we get to the fun stuff... we had another uneventful checkup on Friday (which is certainly good) but I had to make an appointment for this Weds morning to have a few hours of testing done to make sure Cassidy is doing well in there (once again, our checkup was fine, this is just customary practice). As much as I want her here NOW, I REALLY want her here before that so we don't have to deal with all of that :/ Please pray she arrives before then! And thank you to everyone who's texting and emailing encouragement over to me throughout the days. I really appreciate it! And as one dear friend said, "Jesus has been with you this entire pregnancy. He hasn't forgotten about you now :)" A very good reminder that my prayers are still being heard!

Okay, on to photos from yesterday... we went to the local Fire Safety Prevention Week event again this year. (Click here for last year's post and man, was my kid bald this time of year last year. Sorry again Troy!) His favorite thing at all these events is always the bus. Literally we sat on this bus for a half hour total I would say.

They were passing out tons of goodies at this event, and Troy wouldn't take his fire hat off for awhile after we got home. Pretty sure the word we used was "crazy" after at least an hour of going about his business wearing this plastic fire hat.

While we were playing in the yard, Troy stumbled across not one but two toads in their "mud house" in our yard. Sadly for him, they were snoozing away and very comfy in their home. We checked on them a couple times but the rule was we couldn't disturb them until they woke up on their own.

And so, right after a TROY football victory, Daddy and Troy headed outside at dusk to see them waking up! Troy had been saying all day he would hold one in one hand and the other in his other hand. Dream.come.true. These were pretty big ones too!

Even I got in on the fun. Pretty sure I'd never picked up one of these creatures before, let alone two. Shortly after this photo was taken, I was peed on by one of them. This is the most memorable part of the experience for Troy. Pretty sure this was the most memorable part of my day yesterday too!

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