Thursday, October 10, 2013

40 weeks... week in review

Mike asked tonight if I just wasn't going to be blogging until the baby arrives. Not so, I'm here with an update tonight. Here's a rundown of what's happened around here the last week...

Troy and I had a lunch date with our friends at the mall. The two times we've been at the mall since (walking, walking, walking) Troy has looked for Liam and "the man with the hat" AKA the guy from the Japanese place.

Troy had been staying up way, way too late the last couple weeks. Let me tell you what habit I do NOT want my toddler forming in the weeks before welcoming a newborn, staying up until 9:30pm. So we started cutting his nap down to a two hour limit. I had to wake him up every day for the first four or five days and now he's caught on and gets up right at the two hour mark. Great praise is that it worked and he's back to his normal 8pm bedtime now. Phew.

I spent some time getting pampered this past weekend with my friend Laura. We spent nearly two hours at the nail salon getting the world's best pedicure (hello, hot stone massage!) and chatting while the boys enjoyed college football Saturday. Lovely!

I hopped on a baking kick for several days in a row spanning last weekend. We all enjoyed having delicious baked goods on hand. Didn't take long to eat them all and I started to get a bit lazier and now here I sit wishing I had a big ol' brownie tonight. Maybe tomorrow...

All week long I've been having contractions that start and stop for stretches at a time. Troy has been pretty incredible all week long, enjoying his favorite activities and generally just being pretty agreeable (for a toddler at least). We made new play doh and he thinks its the best ever. A new color inspires a whole new set of play-doh design apparently :)

Bear has stuck pretty close to me. I don't think she's ever walked into the bathroom for more than a second, let alone lay down outside my shower and wait for me to get out. Its like she knows something's about to go down...

We've walked, and walked, and walked this week. Here we are getting some playtime in at the playground before hitting the trails at Meadowbrook. Troy did the fire pole for the first time (and then again another dozen times or so!)

Troy has been asking to visit Daddy at work for weeks, literally. So we did just that. I happily let him run back and forth on the half track outside before we went and walked at the mall some more. (Did I mention all of us are sleeping well!?)

And here I am at 40 weeks.... can't get much larger people. We appreciate your prayers for a quick (and soon!) delivery of Cassidy, patience as we wait, continued great rest at night (this is truly a miracle how well I'm sleeping) and that God would be in all the details that I've been praying over this entire pregnancy. I know she's going to come in His perfect timing but man, oh man, that does not make this waiting part any easier! Thanks for your love and support!

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