Friday, October 25, 2013

Cassidy's First 24 Hours Part 1

So Cassidy was born around 10pm at night. Once all the commotion had died down and her first visitors (Gramma and Grampa) had left, it was close to 1am (I think). We were still being monitored every.30.minutes by the nurses, which I understand but it got annoying at this point. However, once we turned the lights off and Mike dozed off on the couch, it was just me and her. She was breastfeeding at least once an hour, if not more, and just snuggling like crazy on me. Really, I wasn't all that exhausted and I would MUCH rather have spent a night getting zero sleep snuggling my brand new baby than having contractions all night laboring.

So get up the next morning and got Cassidy dressed to meet her big bro. She had an adorable "lil sis" onesie with matching bow for the occasion, created by Emily :)

Troy seemed a little wound up when he came in. He was super sweet with Cassidy though and I think just really excited. I know he "got it" all along but I think the reality of an actual baby in front of him was pretty awesome to watch :)

After some hugs and snuggles, Gramma and Grampa left with him to go home for a bit. I was really glad they'd had their first meeting! Thanks, Gramma and Grampa, for taking such great care of our boy while we were in the hospital, and bringing him to see us a couple times :) 

Then we had some lunch time visitors, co-workers/friends from church popped over to meet our little miss. Laura and Christina took great care of Cass while Mike and I enjoyed lunch :) 

After a delightful nap (my first stretch of sleep longer than an hour I think), Anne stopped up to meet Cassidy. I am blessed with lots of amazing and supportive friends that have prayed over this birth, and Anne especially has been a steadfast prayer warrior on this front for me. Thanks, Anne!!!

And so concluded the earlier part of Cassidy's first day :)

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