Friday, October 25, 2013

Cassidy's First Day Part 2 - First Photoshoot

Several months back, I mentioned to my friend and photographer Carrie that I would love to have pics of Troy and our family coming up to the hospital to visit after Cassidy's birth. There were so many unknowns as to whether or not the timing would work out well, since Carrie juggled a full time job, booming photography business and now (excitedly!) growing her own bambino, too!

Well, things worked out great. Carrie came up to the hospital to visit us and brought her camera along. When Troy and my parents arrived a little bit later, she started snapping away. This set of photos makes me tear up every time I look at them, as it was such a special night for our family. Troy came in and was super-snuggly and sweet with Cassidy and I. Then we all enjoyed DQ ice cream and relaxed and visited. It was really, really special to have her there snapping away. Thank you Carrie!! Here's just a few of my favorites :)

those eyes :)
those cheeks!

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