Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Illini vs Miami

When Grampa and Daddy decided to go to the Illinois vs Miami game, we knew it would be a perfect day to soak up some of the pre-game festivities! Once Gramma and Grampa arrived in town, we headed over to tailgate for a little while. Cheeseburgers at 10am? Yes please!

We had hoped to catch the Marching Band on the way into the stadium but sadly we missed them by mere moments. Poor Troy was a little disappointed. ("We missed the drums, Mommy!") However, just a minute later, things turned around thanks to a very, very kind fireman who noticed Troy staring the fire truck down. He let Troy hop up and drive and gave him a sticker badge. He.was.thrilled. In fact, just today he recounted the story to me again. Missing the drums was nowhere in the story, but riding the "Go Illini Fire Truck" is the highlight :)

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