Thursday, October 31, 2013

Round Up: First Week

The intention was to post a "Cassidy is 1 week old" update. But um, she's definitely 11 days old now. So here's a photo round up of her first week.

Some "fun" facts about Cass as of last Sunday:
  • Likes: breastfeeding, being held, snuggling, her brother talking to her
  • Dislikes: things that involve her being put down (swing, bouncy seat, crib, etc.)
  • Eating: a ton! I'm confident we were hitting 12 feedings a day if not more during our first week
  • Sleeping: Sort of a blur. We sleep when we can.
  • Wearing: a combo of newborn/0-3 month clothes. Using up the rest of the newborn diapers before moving on to 1s. 
  • Trip to the doctor: Thursday, October 24 (with a repeat visit on Friday, October 25 to check bili levels and weight). By Friday she was back up to her birthweight.
  • Trip to church: Sunday, October 27
  • Outing aside from doctor/hospital: walking around Toys R Us/Babies R Us with Daddy, Troy and Mommy after the doctor on Thursday, October 24
  • Outing alone with Mommy: Babies R Us on Saturday, October 26
Ready to go home for the hospital!
Big bro snuggles
Daddy snuggles
Napping next to Mommy
So pretty :)
More sibling love

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